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Census Files Available

This page is designed to make available transcriptions of census returns. Please note that the original information is copyright the General Records Office London, and non-commercial use is encouraged. Files are mostly HML and can be read on line by double clicking the link or right clicking and saving the file onto your own computer. Once you open each file, you may search for names or employment by using the FIND function. Remember this is a finding aid and always a good udea to confirm the entry on the microfilm or the CD copies of the census. In most cases, references are provided to folio numbers, film references and the location of the file on the census copies on CD.

Should you find any discrepancy, please contact with full details including district name, file name, folio and exact specifics of what you have in updated information. I may not do it quickly but I will try and respond to updates.

1841 Census Files

 Wigan (2 MB) (text)  Bretherton Dist 4 (688 KB)  Bretherton Dist 5 (736 KB)
 Coppull (1.65MB)  Lowton District 11 (1.7 MB)  Lowton Dist 12/13 and workhouse (2.9 MB)
 Rivington (350KB)    

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