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The Parish of Farnworth, Widnes
in the County of
-- Lancashire --

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Farnworth, Widnes : St Luke
Farnworth was a village in pre-conquest times, and the site of a Helmote court or 'leet'. An important part of village life from the early eighteenth century were the Wakes, a holiday in which various festivities took place. On the first day, usually a Monday, bear-baiting and bull-baiting took place in a field north of the church, where the graveyard is now. The second day was more of a fair, with horses and cattle for sale. Horse-racing also took place. The evening was a time for drinking, dancing, and merry-making in general. It was replaced in 1864 by the Farnworth Agricultural Society's Annual Show, which only ended with the outbreak of World War I.

St Luke, Farnworth - bridewell
The picture to the left shows part of the graveyard and the 'bridewell', which was used to imprison offenders.

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