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The Keaw Yed Legend!

THE COW HEAD - or (Keaw Yed).....the story goes that all people from Westhoughton were/are known as Keaw Yeds. This story says that a farmer found a cow with it's head stuck in a gate, the farmer decided that as the gate cost more than the cow, he would saw the cow's head off!

This is the first theory....

Another theory is that Saint Bartholomew, to whom the Parish Church of Westhoughton is dedicated, is that he was the patron Saint of Tanners, and there are four cow heads engraved on the belfry of The Parish Church of St. Bartholomew.

Another explanation is that an OX was roasted to celebrate the victory of the Battle of Waterloo in 1815 and a mock battle took place for the honour of owning the head, between people of Daisy Hill ( a village south of Westhoughton) and those from the Town Centre, the losers dubbed the victors Keaw Yeds.

[Source: Westhoughton Library]

The Keaw's Yed, by courtesy of Derek Crompton
The Keaw's Yed
by courtesy of Derek Crompton

Diddy Bottle Park is just a little area of green with about three trees, in Church Street, it is in the shape of a baby's feeding bottle, and is really just a Howfen joke!

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