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The Parish of Warton
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Main St with Church in the Background
Main St with Church in the Background

Warton is an ancient parish in the county of Lancashire, situated approximately ten miles north of Lancaster. The exact origins of the church and parish are unknown. It is believed that the church in this parish was established well before the Norman conquest in 1066. The oldest portion of the church is the south wall which is of 14th century origin, though the earliest recorded incumbent dates from 1190.

The parish covers an area in excess of 11000 acres and is predominantly rural. In addition to the township of Warton, the parish also includes the communities of Borwick, Carnforth, Lindeth, Priest Hutton, Tewitfield, Silverdale and the Yealands, Yealnd, Conyers, Yealand Redmayne and Yealand Storrs. Though in the past, Warton was an important staging post on the route north. So much so, it was granted a charter for a Wednesday market in about 1200 during the reign of King John. This confirms the economic importance of Warton in those early times.

More recently, Warton has been overshadowed in importance by neighbouring Carnforth, just to the south. Carnforth rose to prominence following the building of the railway station, which was opened in 1846 by the Lancaster and Carlisle Railway Company and was originally just a single platform.

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