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St Thomas

The Priory Church of St. Thomas the Martyr was founded as a chapel by Sir Robert de Holland in 1307. In 1536 the Priory chapel became a chapel of ease for Wigan Parish church some 4 miles to the east.

The oldest part of the church is the nave, dating from the 14th century. The tower was built in the late 1400's and the present chancel was added in 1882-86.

For more details, see the official St Thomas church site, or for the history have a look at this excellent site:
History of St. Thomas

In the 20th Century the mining industry declined and a pit in Digmoor was the last to close in 1939. The land, stone quarries and brickworks employed many but others had to seek work in other towns. Later, employment became available in newly-erected factories in adjacent townships and the unemployment was greatly reduced. In 1954 Upholland's name was changed to Up Holland.

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Interior of St Thomas, Upholland
Interior of St Thomas, Upholland
Photograph by kind permission and © of Mike Berrell, 2012
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