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Treales, Roseacre and Wharles

Treales is the southern half of this composite township, the northern half being divided between Roseacre to the north-west and Wharles to the southeast. The respective areas of the three portions are 1,998, 937 and 1,165 acres, or 4,100 in all. (fn. 1) The population numbered 492 in 1901. The greater part of the surface is flat, but in the south is some higher land, the 100 ft. above sea level being attained; but this declines somewhat sharply to the brook which forms the boundary between Treales and Kirkham.

From Kirkham a road goes north through Treales, standing on the higher land mentioned, and then by Bolton Houses and Cross Hill to Wharles, at which hamlet it divides, one branch going north-east to St. Michael's and the other north-west, by Roseacre and Sasswick House, to Elswick. There are some side roads and cross roads. The railway from Preston to Blackpool runs through the extreme south of the township.

The soil is clay; wheat is grown, but three-fourths of the land is pasture.

There is a parish council.

Christ Church, Treales, for the worship of the Church of England, was built in 1855 by the late Lord Derby. The vicar of Kirkham is patron. A separate ecclesiastical parish was constituted in 1858; information of the vicar. See A. Hewitson, Our Country Churches, 365, where is also an account of the Primitive Methodist Meetings, 369–72.

The Presbyterians had a licensed meeting-place in Roseacre in 1689, but it does not seem to have been permanent.

Treales is a township-chapelry in the parish of Kirkham. It was consecrated as a chapel of ease to the mother church of Kirkham 15 February 1855 and was created a distinct benefice on or about 6 May 1858. All baptisms before 10 June 1858 are entered in register of the parish church of Kirkham.

From: 'Townships: Treales, Roseacre and Wharles', A History of the County of Lancaster: Volume 7 (1912), pp. 178-179. URL: Date accessed: 24 July 2008.

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