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The Parish of Tottington
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Tottington Wesleyan Methodist Chapel
in the Parish of Tottington

The first chapel was built on Market Street in the centre of Tottington in 1829, though meetings and services had been held in the town since 1820. A new building was constructed in 1905 and a century later major repairs were carried out to preserve the now listed church.

On the 4th and 7th July 1837, John Walsh the Superintendent and James Taylor the Steward of the Tottington Wesleyan Chapel of the Bury Circuit, in the Parish of Bury, signed the certificates to accompany the Birth and Baptism Register and Burial Register which were then sent to the ‘Commissioners for enquiring into the State, Custody and Authenticity of Non-parochial Registers’ to be archived. It was stated that the chapel was founded about 1822. However, the earliest baptisms date only from 1829 and burials from 1830. The baptism, birth, and burial records presented here have been extracted from an LDS film of the registers which are now housed in the Public Record Office London.

The register originally had no page numbers, but were stamped when archived (two leaves per page): these are the page numbers referred to here. In the burial register there is a number against each name. The numbers are not sequential and it seems likely they refer to the grave location, though this is not stated. The first digits of some of the numbers are no longer legible. The legible numbers are recorded here as a Burial Number.

Peter Wood
October 2008

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