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The Parish of Stalmine
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Historically, although Stalmine has a Church which dates from before 1240, it was actually an isolated fragment of the Parish of Lancaster. Despite the presence of this church in the village, many people would undertake the journey to the mother church in Lancaster in order to be married. When searching for people from Stalmine, the registers of St Mary Lancaster should also be consulted.

This fragment of the Parish of Lancaster contains the townships of Stalmine, Preesall and the three smaller townships of Hackensall, Pilling Lane and Staynall.

Map of the Parish of Stalmine
Map of the Parish of Stalmine

This map has been created from
Historic Parishes of England and Wales: an Electronic Map of Boundaries before 1850
By Kain, R.J.P., Oliver, R.R., University of Exeter. School of Geography and Archaeology, 17 May 2001
Distributed by: History Data Service, UK Data Archive, University of Essex, Colchester.

The Map of the Parish of Stalmine shows the townships included in the original fragment of the Parish of Lancaster. The Parish boundaries and names are marked in red while the boundaries between the individual townships along with their names are marked in blue.

A higher resolution version of this map is available by clicking the the map above. To save to your computer, right click and select "Save Target/Link As".

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