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St Leonard the Less
St Leonard the Less

A small and very pleasant village situated on the borough's north eastern border with the Ribble Valley The C of E parish church of St Leonard the Less originally built circa 1558 and is a Grade 1 listed building. In the Parish churchyard of St. Leonard the Less there is what is reputed to be a ‘Witch's grave". Eight 6ft long iron spikes have been driven through the flat gravestone to prevent the ‘Witch" from rising up.

Continuing past St Leonards Church can be seen the ruin of Samlesbury Old Hall, it was built to close to the River Ribble and in 1871 subsided into the River. The village is best known for Samlesbury Hall the home of John Southworth who was martyred in 1654 for refusing to denounce the Catholic faith. The Hall dates back to the 14th century, it is the most impressive building in South Ribble and its beautifully preserved condition makes it the borough's most popular tourist attraction.

At the southern end of the village lies the hamlet of Samlesbury Bottoms and the 19th century Samlesbury Bottoms Mill. It is located on the banks of the River Darwen and was a cotton spinning mill. A short walk on the footpath upstream from here there is a large weir created when the mill owners dammed the River to provide energy for mill. A few of the old mill cottages still survive but the ones on the river bank have long gone.

St Leonard the Less, a view through the gate
St Leonard the Less, a view through the gate
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