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Irwell Terrace Particular Baptist, Bacup
in the County of
-- Lancashire --

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Irwell Terrace Particular Baptist
Irwell Terrace Particular Baptist

Also accompanying the Register for Baptisms is the following letter "To come before the Board" dated Oct 6th 1840 which reads as follows:-

Dear Sir

You will receive by the same post with which I now write you the Register belonging to the church and congregation of the Particular Baptist denomination, Irwell Terrace-Bacup-Lancashire. You will be aware that it has been sent before, but I think from the want of a little explanation, could not be admitted. Some parties interested are very anxious to have it legalized, and think with some exceptions of informalities, it will be found correct. The former part of it was copied from the Register of the older Baptist Church at Bacup, from which the church at Irwell Terrace seceded. This was done for the convenience of the party that left. What was copied will close with the name of John Hirst, and what has been entered since, will begin with the name of F W Dyer, who was my predecessor at Irwell Terrace Chapel, and for some time, the successor of John Hirst. Both those that have been copied, and those that have been entered since, were made without a competent knowledge of what was necessary, pro forma, in copying and making entries.

Upon the authority of Mr. Dyer Baptist Minister Lockwood near Huddersfield Yorkshire I am requested to assure you, that there are persons who can vouch for the authenticity of what is therein written. Mr. Dyer is now a Registrar of Births and deaths, and it is at his urgent wish that I make these statements, and he wishes me further to say, that if any thing from him be requisite to legalize this Register, he will furnish any facts his knowledge will permit. If after all if what is copied be a real objection against its validity, could not the rest be admitted? I hope it will be admitted if possible, as many serious inconveniences may arise if it should be rejected. A Gentleman stated, not long ago, that he had to produce a host of writings to prove that his father, was the Son of his Grandfather.

I am
Your humble Servant
Thomas Dawson
Minister at Irwell Terrace Chapel-Bacup Lancashire

L S Burns Esq.

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