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The Parish of Littleborough
in the County of
-- Lancashire --

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MacDonalds Directory 1879
Transcribed from FHL 874424 by Beryl Fooks

(With which is included Dearnley, Featherstall, Hollingworth, Shore, Smithy Bridge, Summit, Stubley, Etc.)

A populous village in the Township of Blatchinworth and Calderbrook; about three miles E.N.E. from Rochdale. The village has had a considerable population for some centuries. The Roman road which led from Manchester into Yorkshire, passed through this parish, as proved from the fact of a portion of the highway being still visible, and in a good state of preservation near to the top of Blackstone Edge, in the immediate neighbourhood of this village. The scenery in this Parish and for miles around is very romantic. The hills rise to a considerable altitude, producing a pleasing contrast to the plains generally met with in the southern portions of the county. It may be here mentioned that Hollingworth Lake, the circumference of which is about three miles, and which is reached from Smithy Bridge station on the Lancashire and Yorkshire Railway is a popular place of resort. During the summer months it is visited by many thousands of holiday seekers, who may enjoy their visit to this lake in various ways. There are platforms for dancing, ornamental grounds, pleasure boats plying on the lake and numerous other attractions. Apart from the artificial inducements held out to visitors, the physical surroundings will be much appreciated. The spinning and manufacture of cotton is the staple industry of the District. Next comes the manufacture of flannels baizes etc. There are also fulling mills, fire brick and sanitary tube works, stone quarries, oil refineries etc. The Gas Works in Hare Hill road were purchased from a private company in 1866. At different periods additions and alterations have been made, and the total cost of the concern to the present time is about £27,000. The shares are of the value of £10 each, and the nunber of shareholders are 120. The Local Board was formed in 1870. The offices are at the Gas Works, Wm. H. Heap Esq. is the Chairman. Direct communication with the general railway system of the country is obtained by the Lancashire and Yorkshire Railway. Water communication to Yorkshire and Rochdale is had by a canal which passes through the district.

A Church was built here over four centuries ago. It was licensed for divine service by the then Abbott of Whalley in 1471, and was dedicated to the Holy Trinity. The original structure having become through the ravages of time unsafe for the parishioners to assemble within its walls, the old edifice was taken down and was replaced by the present fabric, which was consecrated in 1820. The benefice is a Vicarage of the annual value of £578 together with an additional endowment of £100 per annum towards the stipend of a Curate. The living is at present held by the Rev. Alfred Salts, L.L.D. The present Curate is the Rev. Robert Fisher. In connection with the Parish Church there is a chapel of Ease, at Calderbrook, and is dedicated to St. James. It was consecrated in 1870 by the present Bishop of Manchester, being the first church consecrated by that Right Reverend Prelate. The whole cost of the building was defrayed by J. G. Dearden, Esq., Lord of the Manor of Rochdale. The Church at Shore is dedicated to St. Barnabas. It is also in connection with the Littleborough Parish Church. The dissenting places of worship are numerous. The Wesleyans have chapels in Victoria street, and at Dearnley, Holligworth and Summit. The United Methodists have chapels in Church street, and at Smithy Bridge. The Primitive Methodists have chapels at Shore, Summit, Stubley and Greenhill. The Independants have two, and the Methodist New Connection, Baptists and Congregationalists have one chapel each.

Post Office, Money Order Office, Savings Bank and Telegraph Office, Church street, William Rigg, Postmaster; letters arrive at 5.30 a.m. and 3.30 p.m. Despatched at 9.45 a.m., 12.40, and 7.50 p.m. Letters for Littleborough should be addressed via Manchester.

Public Buildings, Schools, Etc.

Co-operative Society of Industry Limited
Library and Newsroom, Church St. Caldermoor
Fire Engine Station, Hare Hill road, John E Consterdine, Superintendent
Gas Office and Works, Hare Hill road, John Cockcroft, Manager; Joseph Hanson, Collector
Hollingworth Lake Co., Hare Hill, Robert Butterworth, Secretary
Liberal Association News Room, Hare Hill road
Local Board Office. Hare Hill road, W.H.Heap Esq., Chairman, Eder Kershaw, Collector
Overseers Office, (for Blatchworth and Calderbrook) Brook Cottage, Eder Kershaw, Assistant Overseer
Police Station, Gale road, Wm. Strettel, sergeant in charge, Railway Station
Registrar of Births and Deaths, (Blatchinworth and Calderbrook) Brook Cottage, Eder Kershaw, Registrar
Congregational School, Victoria st.; average number of scholars 40; Mr. Abraham Scholes, Master
Dearnley Church School, Smithy Bridge; average number of scholars 330; Master Mr. John W. Stott; Mistress Miss E Brierley
Hollingworth Endowed School; endowed in 1727 by John Hill; average number of scholars 90; Master Mr. Robert Sutcliffe
Mount Gilead Baptist School, Smithy Nook; average number of scholars 110; Master Mr. Thomas L. Card
National School, Summit; average number of scholars 115; Mistress Miss Helen Mather
St. Barnabas National School, Shore; average number of scholars 147; Mistress Miss Sarah Yates
United Methodist Free School, Peel st., Master Mr. Robert Nuttall
United Methodist School, Smithy Bridge; average number of scholars 190; Master Mr. Richard Brook; Mistress Elizabeth Brook
Wesleyan School, Victoria street, average number of scholars 75; Master Mr. Henry Wells


Conveyance by Railway.
Lancashire and Yorkshire Railway Co., Littleborough Station, John Knowles station master; Smithy Bridge station ( for Hollingworth Lake) John Greenwood, station master.
Conveyance by water to Rochdale, Heywood, Todmorden, Hebden Bridge, Sowerby Bridge, Halifax, Hull and Manchester, J & J Veevers, daily.
Omnibus, from Falcon Hotel to Rochdale, via Dearnley and Smallbridge, several times a day.
William Durham, general carrier to Rochdale, daily.

 Surname  First Name  Occupation  Abode
 Addas  Thomas  babylinen ladies underclothing & linen & woollen drapers  Bear Hill road
 Allerton  James  painters & paperhangers  Hare Hill rd
 Alletson  Benjamin  shopkeeper  Hare Hill rd
 Alletson  Isaac  beer retailer  Church st.
 Alletson  Isaac  iron & brass founder  Church st
 Alletson  John  beer retailer  Hare Hill rd
 Alletson  John  tripe dresser  Hare Hill rd
 Alletson  Moses  blacksmith & wheelwright  Church st.
 Ambley  John  farmer  Hollingworth
 Ashton  George  bookkeeper  Todmorden road
 Ashworth  Bamford  colliery proprieter  Lanefoot colliery
 Ashworth  Elizabeth    Fair View Dearnley
 Ashworth  Ralph    Box Meadows
 Ashworth  Ralph  joiner & builder  Ealees
 Ashworth & Co.  Ralph  brickmakers coal & fire clay works. colliery proprieter  Starring
 Ashworth  Thomas  teacher of music  Victoria St.
 Astin  William  engineer and millwright  Ebor st
 Austin  John  linen & woollen drapers  Hare Hill rd
 Baker  Charles  farmer  Chelburn
 Baker  Frances  blacksmith  Featherstall
 Baker  John W  beer retailer  Featherstall
 Baker  Robert  shopkeeper  Summit
 Balm  Samuel    Centre Vale Cottage
 Bamford  Betty & Ruth  linen & woollen drapers  Church st
 Bamford  Samuel    Todmorden road
 Bamford  Susan  confectioner  Church st
 Bamford  William  bookkeeper  Caldermoor
 Bark  Hannah  refreshment room keeper, shopkeeper  Smithy bridge
 Bark  Henry Ashworth  bookseller stationer newsagent & printer  Post Office Smithy bridge
 Bark  Samuel  joiner & builder  Smithy bridge
 Barker  Samuel  blacksmith & farrier  Church st.
 Barton  Samuel S.  United Meth. Free Church  
 Barrett  Herbert    Church st.
 Barrett  J & A  manufacturers of flannels, baize, blankets, dometts etc  Bank mill
 Bentley  Joseph  manager  Whitelees rd.
 Berresford  John  tripe dresser  Peel st
 Berry  William Henry  Paragon Engineering Co.  Dearnley
 Beswicke  Maria    Bent house
 Binns  Abraham  house agent  Victoria St.
 Binns  Andrew  stone mason & builder  Regent st
 Bottomley  Elijah  stone mason & builder  Halifax rd
 Boughey  Samuel  watchmaker & tobacconist  Church st
 Bowden  Peter  manager  Smithy lane side
 Bowler  John  bricklayer & builder  Box Meadows
 Breary  Abraham    Brown lodge
 Brierley  Abraham    Brown lodge
 Brierley  Thomas  pickle dealer  Smithy bridge
 Briggs  H  clogger  Featherstall
 Broadbent  Sidney S  chemist & druggist  Church st
 Broadfield Cotton Spinning Co.    cotton spinners & manufacturers  Smithy bridge
 Broadhurst  Arthur H  dentist  Queen st
 Broadley  John  manager Stansfield Printing Co  Stansfield house
 Brook  R  schoolmaster  Smithy bridge
 Brooks  Mary  shopkeeper  Dearnley
 Brown  Richard    Dearnley
 Brown  Robert Hope  manager Manchester & Liverpool District Bank  
 Brown  William  bookseller stationer & newsagent. printer (letterpress)  Church st.
 Buller  James  farmer  Whitefield
 Butter  James  gardener  Harehill rd.
 Butterworth & Co.    cotton spinners  Ebor st Mill
 Butterworth  James  size boiler  Smith barn
 Butterworth  James  shopkeeper  Hollingworth
 Butterworth  James  shopkeeper  Todmorden road
 Butterworth  James T  clogger  Dearnley
 Butterworth  Joseph  butcher  Victoria St.
 Butterworth  Rachael  victualler  New Inn, Dearnley
 Butterworth  Robert  cashier  Harehill rd.
 Butterworth  Solomon  farmer  Hollingworth
 Butterworth  Solomon  victualler  Lodge, Hollingworth Lake
 Butterworth  Thomas  furniture broker  Stubley brow
 Butterworth  Thomas  marine store dealer  Dearnley
 Butterworth & Fielding    cotton spinners  Ebor st
 Carlyle  John  farmer  Whitefield
 Chadwick  Alice    Seed hill. Church st.
 Chadwick  Ayshford    Gale cottage
 Chadwick  Ayshford  dyers & finishers.fulling millers.oil merchants & refiners  Pyke House Mill
 Chadwick  John & Sons  dyer & finishers. fulling millers  Oil Mill
 Chadwick  Samuel  manager  Whitelees rd.
 Clegg  Calder H  E. C. & Sons  Calder cottage
 Clegg  Edward A  E. C. & Sons  Shore house
 Clegg  E & Sons  cotton spinners & manufacturers  Shore Mill
 Clegg  Thomas E  grocer & tea dealer  Hare Hill rd
 Clegg  John  fulling miller  Rakewood
 Clegg  William  fulling miller  Booth Hollinge
 Clough  Henry  sewing machine & knitting machine agent  New road Dearnley
 Cocker  Moses George  manager  Box meadows
 Cockroft  George  manager  Harehill rd.
 Cockroft  John  agent. Guardian Insurance & Scottish Equitable Insurance  Hare Hill rd
 Cockroft  Thomas  saddler  Church st
 Cook  James  hair dresser  Church st
 Collinge  Benjamin  farmer  Lower Cleggswood
 Collinge  James  farmer  Lower Cleggswood
 Consterdine Bros.    cotton spinners. manufacturers of flannels baize blankets  Albion Mill Featherstall
 Consterdine  Benjamin  Consterdine Bros.  Brookfield
 Consterdine  John E  Consterdine Bros.  Frankfort cottage
 Crabtree  Amos  shopkeeper  Whitelees rd.
 Crabtree  Samuel  boot & shoemaker  Hare Hill rd
 Crabtree  William  drysalter  Summit
 Cracknall  Henry  umbrella maker  Featherstall
 Crawford  Thomas  shopkeeper  Featherstall
 Cropper  Edward  hay & straw dealer  Railway station
 Crosley  Alfred  manufacturing chemist  Eafield
 Crossland  John  boot & shoemaker  Church st.
 Crossley  Betsy & Hannah  bakers & confectioners  Church st.
 Crossley  George  tobacconist  Church st
 Crossley  Henry  farmer  Light Hazels
 Crossley  James C  baker & oat cake & yeast dealer  Queen st
 Crossley  Thomas  general dealer  Featherstall
 Crowther  Evan  shopkeeper  Dearnley
 Crowther  John  beer retailer  Smithy nook
 Cryer  Abraham  farmer  Heyhead
 Cryer  John  beer retailer  Summit
 Cryer  Joseph  farmer  Heybottom
 Cryer  Mary  milliner & dressmaker  Church st
 Cryer  Samuel    Light house
 Cunliffe & Co    calico printers  Gale
 Daker  William  fruiterer & greengrocer  Victoria St.
 Dawson  Hannah  milliner & dressmaker  Halifax rd
 Dawson  Mary  shopkeeper  Church st
 Dearden  James Abraham  farmer  Moor rd
 Dearden  James G  colliery proprieter  Handel hall
 Dearden  John & Abraham  stone & flag dealers. quarry owners  Shore
 Dearnley Brick & Tile Co    fire brick and sanitary tube manufacturer  Dearnley
 Dearnley & Featherstall Co-op. Society    grocer & tea dealer. linen & woollen drapers  Dearnley
 Dewhurst  Mary  milliner & dressmaker  Todmorden road
 Dewsbury  William  linen & woollen drapers  Hare Hill rd
 Diggle  Joshua  joiner etc.  Dearnley
 Dixon  John  bill poster  Todmorden road
 Dryland  Charles  bricklayer & builder  Smithy bridge
 Durham  Richard    Featherstall
 Durham  William  general carrier to Rochdale (daily)  
 Duxbury  Robert  manufacturing chemist (dry soap)  Lane side
 Earnshaw  John  farmer  Long Clough
 Earnshaw  John  farmer  Turf house
 Earnshaw  Robert  blacksmith  Summit
 Eastwood  Frederick  butcher  Summit
 Eastwood  William  butcher  Church st.
 England  Stephen  joiner & builder  Dearnley
 Entwistle  Adam  confectioner  Hare Hill rd
 Evans  George & Co.  cotton manufacturers  Whitelees Mill
 Evans  George    Harehill rd.
 Evans  Thomas C.  victualler  Fisherman's Hotel, Hollingworth Lake
 Evans  William A    Whitelees rd.
 Fairburn  Elizabeth  victualler  Blue Ball, Smithy bridge
 Fairburn  Thomas  farmer  Bent farm
 Fanthorpe  Tom  boot & shoemaker  Featherstall
 Fielden  Abraham  farmer  Sladen mill
 Fielding  Abraham  refreshment room keeper  Hollingworth
 Fielding  Eli  shopkeeper  Summit
 Fielding  James  boot & shoemaker  Victoria St.
 Fielding  William  bookkeeper  Will hill
 Fisher  Robert    Fair view
 Fletcher Brothers    colliery proprieters  Higher shore colliery
 Fletcher  Charles  farmer  Queens farm Hollingworth
 Fletcher  Edmund  farmer  Grimes
 Fletcher  Eli  farmer  Timbercliffe
 Fletcher  Francis  grocer & tea dealers. corn dealers  Town House bridge
 Fletcher  James    Galliards house
 Fletcher  James  farmer  Humber
 Fletcher  James & Bro.  fulling millers.oil merchants & refiners  Higher shore
 Fletcher  James & Bro.  manufacturers of flannels, baize, blankets, dometts etc  Eafield
 Fletcher  John  farmer  Brown bank
 Fletcher  Joseph    Dearnley
 Fletcher  Robert  beer retailer  Whitelees rd.
 Fletcher  Robert  joiner & builder  Whitelees
 Fletcher  Thomas    Higher shore
 Fletcher  Thomas    Dearnley
 Fletcher  Thomas  oil merchant & refiner  Dearnley
 Fletcher  Thomas  manufacturing chemist  Dearnley
 Fletcher  William    Smithy bridge
 Fletcher  William  boot & shoemaker  Lane side
 Fletcher  William  farmer  Starring
 Fletcher  William  fulling miller  Pack House mill
 Forrest  William  shopkeeper  Victoria St.
 Forrester  James  gardener  Dearnley
 Gale Printing Co    calico printers  Gale
 Gazey  Maggie  linen & woollen drapers  Dearnley
 Gibson  Enoch  beer retailer. refreshment room keeper  Three Lanesend Smithy bridge
 Gilbert  William  fishmonger  Bridge street
 Gledhill  John A  picture frame maker. dealer in looking glasses  Town House bridge
 Gray  Elijah  refreshment room keeper  Hollingworth
 Green  Roger  shopkeeper  Gale
 Green  Samuel  beer retailer  Summit
 Greenwood  B  shopkeeper  Summit
 Greenwood  David  engineer  Featherstall
 Greenwood  David & Son  engineer and millwright  Featherstall
 Greenwood  Esther  victualler  Royal Oak, Church street
 Greenwood  George  photographer  Hollingworth Lake
 Greenwood  Henry  china, glass & earthenware dealers  Church st
 Greenwood  John  station master  Smithy bridge
 Greenwood  John  farmer  Higher Windy bank
 Greenwood  John  victualler  Moorcock, Blackstone Edge road
 Greenwood  Jonathan  farmer  Shore
 Greenwood  W H  manager. Lancashire & Yorkshire Productive Soc.  Hare hill
 Grimshaw  Thomas    Featherstall
 Grimshaw  Thomas  manufacturers of flannels, baize, blankets, dometts etc  Featherstall
 Grindrod  Abraham  beer retailer  Dearnley
 Hackett  Thomas  (Wes.)  Lane side
 Haig  Henry  farmer  Slack
 Haig  James  farmer  Cloise
 Haig  Samuel  farmer  Higher Saindrod
 Haigh  Thomas  farmer  Greenhalgh
 Haigh  William  farmer  Slack
 Haigh  William  stone & flag dealers. quarry owners  Slack
 Hall  Samuel  agent for Gilbey's wines & spirits. tea dealer & grocer  Church st.
 Hall & Rogers    colliery proprieters  Cleggwood colliery
 Hall & Roger    fire brick and sanitary tube manufacturer  Smithy bridge
 Halliwell  Edward  boot & shoemaker  Church st.
 Halliwell  Mary  victualler  Falcon, Church street
 Halliwell  William    Rakewood
 Halliwell  William  cotton spinners  Rakewood
 Hanson  Henry  linen & woollen drapers  Featherstall
 Hanson  Joseph  gas rate collector  Wellington st.
 Harston  John  bookkeeper  Harehill rd.
 Harston  Thomas  estate agent  Lane side
 Hartley  Bethel  stone mason & builder  Featherstall
 Hartley  Robert  fruiterer & greengrocer  Featherstall
 Hartley  Stephen    Dearnley house
 Hartley  Stephen  dyer & finishers. fulling millers  Old Mill Ealees
 Harwood  John  manufacturers of flannels, baize, blankets, dometts etc  Drydock Mill
 Harwood  William  farmer  Sladen
 Hayes  J  refreshment room keeper  Hollingworth
 Heap  Elizabeth    Harehill rd.
 Heap  John    Brookfield
 Heap  John  dyer & finisher  West View Mill
 Heap  Thomas E    Ebor house
 Heap  Thomas E  farmer  Newbarn
 Heap  Thomas E  manufacturers of flannels, baize, blankets, dometts etc  Watergrove mill
 Heap  Thomas E R  coal merchant  Railway station
 Heap  William    Victoria terrace, Gale rd.
 Heap  William Henry  Chairman of Littleborough Local Board  Lee house, Gate rd
 Heap  William & Sons  fulling miller.mafufacturer of flannels baize blankets etc  West View Mills
 Heginbotham  John    Wellington terrace
 Henderson  Gordon  stone & flag dealers.quarry owners.stonemason & builder  Whitelees rd.
 Heyworth & Law    tanners & curriers  Smithy bridge
 Higgin  John  farmer  Town House farm
 Higgin  William  land & mine surveyor  Church st.
 Highley  John  farmer  Pasture House
 Hill  Charles  farmer  Knowle
 Hillier  Job  shopkeeper  Dearnley
 Hindle  William  fruiterer & greengrocer  Halifax rd
 Hirst  Joseph  hair dresser. tobacconist  Church st
 Holt  Charles  clogger  Whitelees rd.
 Holt  Charles  farmer  Higher Town House
 Holt  Jacob  farmer  Hey Hall
 Holt  James  farmer  Long Clough
 Holt  James  grocer & tea dealer  Church st
 Holt  Oliver  shopkeeper  Featherstall
 Holt  Richard  stone mason & builder  Greenhill
 Holt  Thomas  shopkeeper  Dearnley
 Holt  William  joiner & builder  Peel st saw mills
 Hopkins  J H    Bank house, Lane side
 Horrocks  Harriet  milliner & dressmaker  Todmorden road
 Horrocks  Peter  beer retailer  Church st.
 Horrocks  Robert  blacksmith  Gale rd
 Howard  James  manager  Sheep bank colliery
 Howard  Sarah  milliner & dressmaker  Victoria st.
 Howarth  David  pawnbroker  Church st
 Howarth  Isabella  farmer  Shore
 Howarth  James  waste dealer  Drydock Mill
 Howarth  John  toy dealer  Hare Hill rd
 Howarth  Joseph  farmer  Todmorden road
 Howarth  Robert  fulling miller  Tunshey Hey
 Howarth  Thomas  clogger  Church st
 Howarth  William  boot & shoemaker  Church st.
 Howarth & Rigg    joiner & builder  Bridge end
 Howorth  John  linen & woollen drapers  Hare Hill rd
 Hoyle  John  victualler  Horse Shoe, Featherstall
 Hudson  Helena    Ivy cottage
 Hudson  John  cashier  Victoria st.
 Hudson  Robert  plumber & glazier  Hare Hill rd
 Hurst      Turf house
 Hurst  Edward  butcher  Bridge end
 Hurst  James  victualler  Rake, Halifax road
 Hurst  Robert    Little Clegg
 Hurst & Co.  Robert  victualler  Golden Fleece, Church street
 Hutchinson  James H  plumber & glazier  Victoria st
 Hutchinson  Joseph  farmer  Peanock
 Hutchinson  Robert  farmer  Shaw Moss
 Ireland Buckley & Co.    collier proprieters  Swaindrod colliery
 Ireland Buckley & Co.    fire brick and sanitary tube manufacturer  Blackstone edge rd
 Jackson  Alfred  furniture broker  Dearnley
 Jackson  James  manager  Meadow box
 Jackson  James  farmer  Bank top
 Jackson  William  farmer  Height
 John  William  fire brick and sanitary tube manufacturer  Whitelees Brick works
 Johnson  George  general dealer  Church st
 Johnson  John  toy dealer  Church st
 Jones  G C  billiard room proprietor  Harehill rd.
 Jones  William  brickmakers  Whitelees Brick works
 Kay  William  victualler  Sun, Featherstall
 Kenworthy  Peter A  photographer. refreshment room keeper  Hollingworth Lake
 Kershaw  Benjamin  victualler  Blue Ball, Dearnley
 Kershaw  Charles  dyer & finisher  Field Mill
 Kershaw  Charles  drysalter  Field Mill
 Kershaw  Charles  fulling miller  Sladen mill
 Kershaw  Clara Agnes    Moorfield house, Calderbrook
 Kershaw  Edmund  farmer  Heyhead
 Kershaw  Edmund  shopkeeper  West st
 Kershaw  Edward  keeper of Temple Chapel.  Summit
 Kershaw  Edward  shopkeeper  Smith barn
 Kershaw  Elizabeth Mary    Moorfield house, Calderbrook
 Kershaw  Helena Jessie    Moorfield house, Calderbrook
 Kershaw  Isaac    Sladen mill
 Kershaw  Isaac  manager  Whitaker colliery
 Kershaw  James    Lower mill cottage
 Kershaw  John    Sladen mill
 Kershaw  John  bookseller stationer & newsagent  Summit
 Kershaw Bros.    manufacturers of flannels, baize, blankets, dometts etc  Sladen mill
 Kershaw  Joseph & John  cotton manufacturers  Drydock Mill
 Kershaw  Thomas  bricklayer & builder  Dearnley
 Kershaw  Thomas  shopkeeper  Victoria st
 Killen  Henry  shopkeeper  Whitelees
 Knowles  John  station master  Littleborough
 Lambert  Thomas  confectioner & agent for Holroyds patent medicines  Summit
 Lambert  Thomas  bookseller stationer & newsagent  Summit
 Lancashire & Yorkshire Productive Soc.    manufacturers of flannels, baize, blankets, dometts etc  Hare Hill
 Law  Alfred  (A & W L) Honresfield.  Blackstone edge rd
 Law  Alfred & William  fulling millers.manufacturers of flannels baize blankets etc  Durn mill
 Law  Charles  waste dealer  Featherstall
 Law  Sarah    Bent house
 Law  William  (A & W L) Honresfield.  Blackstone edge rd
 Leach  Robert & Son  fire brick and sanitary tube manufacturer  Smithy bridge
 Lee  Isaac  manufacturing chemist & tallow refiner  Lane side
 Lee  John  fruiterer & greengrocer  Victoria st.
 Lees Ashworth & Co.    colliery proprieters  Syke colliery Syke
 Lees Brothers & Stott    colliery proprieters  Ealees colliery
 Lees  Edwin    Lower Ealees
 Lees  Jeffrey    Lower Ealees
 Lever  James  shopkeeper  Lane side
 Littleborough Brewery Co    brewers  Littleborough
 Littleborough Co-op Soc. of Industry    butcher. grocers & tea dealers. linen & woollen drapers  Church st. & branches
 Litleborough Manufacturing Co.    cotton spinners & manufacturers  Frankfort Mills
 Littleborough Permanent Benefit    building society  Church st.
 Littlewood & Heap    manufacturers of flannels, baize, blankets, dometts etc  Clough mill
 Lord  George  farmer  Cleggswood farm
 Lord  James  clogger  Church st
 Lord  James  farmer  Cleggswood lane
 Lord  Jane  victualler  Railway, Smithy bridge
 Lord  John    St. John's ter.
 Lord  Richard  shopkeeper  Whitelees rd.
 Lord  Robert  shopkeeper  Smithy bridge
 Lord  Thomas  farmer  Hill top
 Lord  William  waste dealer  Drydock Mill
 McGill  George  surgeon  Hollinbrook house
 McIntyre  Daniel  bookkeeper  Lane side
 McIntyre  Peter  manager  Lane side
 Maden  Henry    Windy bank
 Maden  Henry  butcher. grocer & tea dealer  Halifax rd
 Maden  Henry  farmer  Pleasant view
 Marland  Martha  victualler  Queen's Hotel, Hollingworth Lake
 Marsden  Doctor  china, glass & earthenware dealers  Hare Hill rd
 Marsden  Doctor  fruiterer & greengrocer  Hare Hill rd
 Marsden  John  beer retailer  Dearnley
 Marshall  Hannah  victualler  King William, Shore
 Mason  Edward    Dearnley
 Mason  Edward  brickmaker  Featherstall rd.
 Mason  Edwin  cotton spinners & manufacturers  Featherstall Mill
 Mather    schoolmistress  Summit
 Matthew  Thomas  manager  Dearnley
 Merton  George S  manager. Rake Fire Brick Co  Halifax rd
 Midgley  Samuel  confectioner  Hare Hill rd
 Miles  William  joiner & builder  Dearnley
 Mills  John  plumber & glazier  Hare Hill rd
 Milne  Hannah    Featherstall
 Milne  James  baker  Victoria st.
 Milnes  James  confectioner  Victoria st.
 Mitchell  Thomas  shopkeeper  Todmorden road
 Mitchell  William  cashier  Church st.
 Mitchell  William  tailor & woollen draper  Church st
 Mitchell  S A & M H  milliner & dressmaker  Church st
 Molesworth  Frederick N    Gale hall
 Molesworth  John    Town house
 Molesworth  John & Son  solicitors  Bridge end
 Molesworth  John & Son  agent.Church of England Insurance. & Queen lnsurance  Bridge end
 Molesworth  John & Son  agent. Clerical Medical & general Insurance  Bridge end
 Moray  Charles  boot & shoemaker  Summit
 Newall  Henry  J P  Harehill house
 Newton  William  shopkeeper  Higher Town House
 Newton  William  shopkeeper  Newgate
 Nuttall  Silas  painter & paperhanger  Whitelees rd.
 Oldfield  Sarah Ann  teacher of music  Todmorden road
 Palfreyman    farmer  Lydgate
 Palfreyman  Alice  victualler  Lydgate, Lydgate
 Paragon Engineering Co    engineer and millwright. iron & brass founder  Smithy bridge
 Parker  William  coach & cab proprieter  Victoria st.
 Parker  William  coal merchant  Railway station
 Peacock  William  stone mason & builder  Caldermoor
 Peacock  William  victualler  Caldermoor, Caldermoor
 Peacock  William  victualler  Dog and Partridge, Caldermoor
 Pennington  John  manager Paragon Engineering Co.  Smithy bridge
 Pepper  Illans  cabinet maker.general dealer  Church st
 Pepper  J  furniture broker  Church st
 Percival  James  size boiler  Smithy bridge
 Perritt  William  toy dealer  Hare Hill rd
 Phillips  James  (Independent)  Victoria St.
 Pickles  Ambrose    Box Meadows
 Pickup  Squire  shopkeeper  Featherstall
 Pilling  Joseph  brazier & tinplate worker  Church st.
 Pitcairn  George K  surgeon  West hill pl.
 Pollard  William  china, glass & earthenware dealers  Hare Hill rd
 Pretty  Tom  linen & woollen drapers  Dearnley
 Puckins  Elizabeth    Fair view
 Rake Fire Brick Co    fire brick and sanitary tube manufacturer  Halifax rd
 Ratcliffe  Thomas  shopkeeper  Smithy bridge
 Read  Robert  tea dealer and draper  Whitelees
 Reid  Thos.  tea dealer & travelling draper  Whitelees
 Rhodes  Charles  estate agent  Windy bank
 Rhodes  Charles & Abraham  farmers. stone & flag dealers & quarry owners  Windy bank
 Rhodes  Martha  shopkeeper  Smithy nook
 Richards  Thomas  linen & woollen drapers. tailor  Church st
 Richardson  William  painter & paperhanger  Whitelees rd.
 Rigg  Charles  flock dealer  Box Meadows
 Rigg  Charles  waste dealer  Featherstall
 Rigg  George  beer retailer  Durn
 Rigg  John    Church st.
 Rigg  Maria  butcher  Smithy bridge
 Rigg  Mary  shopkeeper  Featherstall
 Rigg  Sarah  babylinen.ladies underclothing. linen & woollen drapers  Church st.
 Rigg  William  agent. Scottish Provincial Insurance  Church St
 Rigg & Co.  William  bookseller stationer & newsagent. printer (letterpress)  Post Office Church st.
 Rigg & Co.  William  agent for Price's safes  Church st.
 Rigg & Co.  William  sewing machine agent  Post Office Church st.
 Riley  John  manager. Dearnley Brick & Tile Co  Dearnley
 Riley  Thomas & Son  tailor & woollen draper  Hare Hill rd
 Roberts  Abraham  furniture broker  Church st
 Roberts  Abraham  toy dealer  Church st
 Robinson  Robert  manager Broadfield Cotton Spinning Co.  Smithy bridge
 Rochdale Brick & Tile Co    brickmakers, fire brick & sanitary tube manufacturer  Summit
 Roger  James T    Wellington lodge
 Rogers  Henry  beer retailer  Smithy nook
 Royds  Clement R N Beswick    Pyke house
 Royds  James  manager. Smithy Bridge Co-op Society  Smithy bridge
 Salt  Alfred  LLD  The Vicarage
 Schofield  Eliza    Stubley hall
 Schofield  James    Croft head
 Schofield  James  cotton spinners & manufacturers  Town House Mill
 Scholfield  James  refreshment room keeper  Smithy bridge
 Schofield  James & Sons  fulling millers  Featherstall
 Schofield  John  shopkeeper  Whitelees rd.
 Schofield  John  shopkeeper  Shore
 Schofield  Joseph & Co.  cotton spinners & manufacturers  Green vale
 Scholfield  Martha  milliner & dressmaker  Nelson st
 Schofield  Thomas  farmer  Field farm
 Schofiled  Thomas  farmer  Yeld farm
 Shackleton  Emmanuel  coal & lime merchant.  Railway station
 Shackleton  Susannah  shopkeeper  Summit
 Shackleton  Susannah  coal merchant  Railway station
 Sheep Bank Colliery Co.      Sheepbank
 Shepherd  John  beer retailer & refreshments  Hollingworth Lake
 Shepherd  Sarah  shopkeeper  Featherstall
 Sherwin  Elizabeth    Fair View Dearnley
 Shore  Thomas  farmer  Starring
 Shorn  Thomas    Starring farm
 Shuttleworth  Frank H  estate agent architect & surveyor to the Local Board  Littleboro Estate Office Bridge end
 Sladen  James  victualler  Beach Hotel, Hollingworth Lake
 Sladen  Samuel  joiner & builder  Dearnley
 Smith  Thomas  linen & woollen drapers  Church st
 Smith  Thomas  shopkeeper  Smithy bridge
 Smithy  Robert  joiner & builder  Hollingworth
 Smithy Bridge Co-op. Soc. of Industry    grocer & tea dealer  Smithy bridge
 Spencer  Abraham  victualler  Coach & Horses, Blackstone Edge
 Spencer  Abraham  victualler  White House, Blackstone Edge
 Spencer  Hannah  beer retailer  Featherstall
 Spencer  William    Whitelees rd.
 Stansfield  James  bookseller stationer & newsagent  Hare Hill rd
 Stansfield  John  farmer  Leach
 Stansfield Printing Co    calico printers  
 Stott  James  bookkeeper  Harehill road
 Stott  James  coal merchant  Smithy bridge
 Stott  James  fishmonger  Hare Hill rd
 Stott  James  joiner & builder  Hare Hill rd
 Stott  James  stone mason & builder. engraver  Victoria st.
 Stott  John  architect  Whitelees rd.
 Stott  John  schoolmaster  Dearnley
 Stott  R & J  joiner & builder  Midge hole
 Stott  Samuel    Green vale Dearnley
 Stott  Saville  dentist  Rose cottage
 Stott  Thomas  shopkeeper  Smithy bridge
 Stott  Thomas  farmer  Sladen
 Stott  William  shopkeeper  Hare Hill rd
 Sunderland  Thomas    Pyke
 Sutcliffe  Eddison  linen & woollen drapers  Hare Hill rd
 Sutcliffe  George  shopkeeper  Whitelees rd.
 Sutcliffe  Isabella  victualler  Queen Ann, Handel Hall
 Sutcliffe  John  shopkeeper  Bear hill st
 Sutcliffe  Rachael  victualler  Red Lion, Lower Ealees
 Sutcliffe  William R  schoolmaster  Hollingworth Lake
 Swindells  George  refreshment room keeper  Hollingworth
 Tate  Aquila  gardener  Durn
 Tate  Hugh  beer retailer  Shore
 Tate  Hugh & Bros.  gardeners  Shore
 Tatham  Henry W  farmer  Brown lodge
 Taylor  Edmund  cabinet maker. furniture broker  Church st
 Taylor  Edmund  joiner & builder  Ebor st
 Taylor  George  tax collector  Sykes
 Taylor  George  shopkeeper  Bear hill st
 Taylor  James  bookkeeper  Summit
 Taylor& Co.  John  colliery proprieters & coke burners  Hollingworth colliery
 Taylor  John    St. John's ter.
 Taylor  John    St. John's ter.
 Taylor  John  clogger  Smithy bridge
 Taylor  John  tailor & woollen draper  Church st
 Taylor  Judith  shopkeeper  Smith bridge
 Taylor  Moses H  blacksmith  Victoria st.
 Taylor  Moses H  ironmonger  Hare Hill rd
 Taylor Ormerod & Son    manufacturing chemist  Dane head
 Taylor Ormerod & Sons    drysalter  Dane head Summit
 Taylor  Robert  manager  Frankfort Mills
 Taylor  Samuel  fruiterer & greengrocer  Hare Hill rd
 Taylor  Thomas  shopkeeper  Halifax rd
 Taylor  Thomas  brazier & tinplate worker  Victoria st.
 Taylor  William  cabinet maker  Featherstall
 Taylor  William  joiner & builder  Featherstall
 Tetlow  James  victualler  Summit, Summit
 Tetlow  John  Tile & Sanitary Drainpipe Works  Summit
 Tetton  James  farmer  Summit
 Thistlethwaite  Elizabeth & Martha  linen & woollen drapers. milliners & dressmakers  Hare Hill rd
 Thistlethwaite  Hartley  victualler  Gale, Todmorden road
 Thomas  Mary  victualler  Royal Oak, Summit
 Thompson  Abraham  fulling millers  Stubley mill
 Thornton  Joseph  farmer  Stubley hall
 Tomson  L P  manager Union Bank of Manchester  
 Travis  Edward  traveller  Victoria st.
 Travis  George  victualler  Mermaid, Hollingworth Fold
 Travis  Henry  wool merchant  Handell cottage
 Travis  Joseph  agent for soaps and oils  Dearnley
 Travis  Joseph  farmer  Light Alders
 Travis  Joseph  stone & flag dealer.quarry owner.stonemason & builder  Summit
 Unsworth  William  shopkeeper  Featherstall
 Uttley  Michael  manufacturing chemist  Summit
 Veevers  J & J  carriers, conveyance by water  
 Walmsley  Lawrence  coal agent  Railway Arch
 Walsh  John  linen & woollen drapers  Church st
 Walton  Riley  joiner & builder  Smithy bridge
 Ward  John  clogger  Caldermoor
 Warren  David  bricklayer & builder  Featherstall
 Warren  David  shopkeeper  Featherstall
 Webster  Samuel  beer retailer  Church st.
 Wells  Henry M  schoolmaster Wesleyan School.  Victoria st.
 Whatmough  Betty  shopkeeper  Smithy bridge
 Whatmough  John  shopkeeper  Dearnley
 Whipp  Mary E & Susannah  milliner & dressmaker  Church st
 Whipp  Thomas    Hollingworth
 Whipp  William  beer retailer. refreshment room keeper  Hollingworth Lake
 Whitaker Colliery Co.    colliery proprieters  Whitaker
 Whitehead  James  farmer  Lower shore
 Whiteley  William  beer retailer  Blackstone edge rd
 Whittaker  George  cabinet maker  Lane side
 Whittaker  George  joiner & builder  Hare Hill rd
 Whittaker  James  cotton spinners & manufacturers  Ealees
 Whittaker  John  butcher  Dearnley
 Whittaker  John    Dearnley
 Whitworth  Elijah  grocer & tea dealer  Church st
 Whitworth  Henry  joiner & builder  Summit
 Wild  Alfred & Henry  painter & paperhanger. plasterer  Hare Hill rd
 Wild  Henry  refreshment room keeper  Bridge end
 Wild  James  farmer  Inghams
 Wild  Jesse  clogger  Church st
 Wild  John  painter & paperhanger. plasterer  Ealees
 Wild  Maria  shopkeeper  Dearnley
 Wild  Rebecca  shopkeeper  Summit
 Wild  Reuben  china, glass & earthenware dealers  Summit
 Wilson  John  farmer  Hollingworth
 Wilson  Thomas  cotton manufacturers  Clegg Hall Mill
 Winterbottom  James A  bookkeeper. agent for Alliance Insurance  Church st.
 Woolfenden  James  farmer  Light Hazels
 Wood  Harriet  linen & woollen drapers  Dearnley
 Wood  John  boot & shoemaker  Ealees
 Worth  William  victualler  Lake Hotel, Hollingworth Lake
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