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Snippets from Newspapers in Bolton Archives

Bolton Chronicle 25th June 1831

In reading the various of the population of 1831 as compared with 1821 we regret to observe a decrease of 51 souls has occurred.

There is then a reference to the batchelors of Rivington and suggests they do something about it.

Bolton Chronicle 6th December 1834

On Monday night a diobolical attempt was made to destroy the ancient Church at Rivington by fire. A man who lives contiguous to the church had been feeding his horse, and on his return from the stable he observed an unusual light in the church. On looking through one of the windows he saw a pile of cushions, prayer books etc, on fire in the aisle. An alarm being given, assistance was quickly procured and the fire extinguished, but not before damage to the amount of £30 had been done.

On examination it appeared the incendiary had broken up the Constables staves, and placed the cushions and books on them and set fire to the mass with lucifer matches.

Bolton Chronicle 31st March 1835

Lancaster Assizes. John Simms, 35, charged with willfully setting fire to a Church at Rivington on the night of December 1st last.

(It then goes on to explain extent of damage)

The prisoner was not found in the Church but he came up to the persons in the Churchyard before they had got the keys and said "Look what a fine blaze it makes". He was taken into custody next morning and acknowledged both then and subsequently, without any promise being made or threat needed, that it was he that had broken into the Church, piled the forms and the books together and set fire to them.

On his apprehension, a box of lucifer matches, a bit of candle wrapped up in a hymn book and a printed account of the burning of the two Houses of Parliament were found upon him.

This was the prosecutions case and no evidence being offered by the prisoner he was acquitted on the grounds of insanity and ordered to be detained for life or until he had regained his sanity.

Bolton Chronicle 6th November 1847

Two reservoirs planned, to be called Anglezarke Reservoir and the Rivington Pike Reservoir.

Bolton Chronicle 28th Sepember 1861

Re-opening of Rivington Church after extensive alterations. New pews have been installed instead of benches and squire pews. A central aisle has been formed with Minton tiles and a new aisle at right angles between the South Porch and the Vestry room.

The walls have been panelled to a height of five feet. The screen has been restored and the Altar has been raised and placed on a glazed tile base and protected by carved railings.

A pretty little organ has been placed on the left of the West door, which is surmounted by the Royal Arms and a porch constructed, jutting inwards.

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