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The Church of St Mary, Great Sankey
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St Mary Great Sankey Front Graveyard

There are graves to the front and the rear of the church. By 1833 the church graveyard was nearly full, and was extended by using land between the school and the chapel. This land also filled up quickly. The churchyard was then extended further by using land along St Mary's Road. The land was given to the church when Greystone Common was enclosed in 1867, and the first burials took place in 1881. This is now referred to as 'St Mary's Road Cemetery'. From 1881 onwards, burials were recorded in a grave book - follow the link to 'Graves' to the left, to view the transcription. This records the burials at both St Mary's Road Cemetery and the churchyard.

In 1865, the minutes of a public Vestry meeting (which were found with one of the registers) recorded that: "the proposed map of the burial ground not being deemed necessary, be dispensed with", so there does not appear to be any grave plan dating from around that time. The plans shown here were put together by Jean Berry in conjunction with the late Roy Allen. The numbering from these plans has been used when recording the MIs - follow the link to 'MIs' on the left to view the transcription.


St Mary Great Sankey front graveyard plan 2011

St Mary Great Sankey Hexagonal Monument

The front graveyard contains a hexagonal memorial whose centrepiece was a sundial, the top of which was stolen.


St Mary Great Sankey Memorial Garden

The memorial garden also forms part of of the front graveyard.

St Mary Great Sankey memorial garden plan


The rear graveyard was landscaped in 1971, and many of the graves are now below the surface of the land. The plan shown here was put together some time after this, in 2011.

St Mary Great Sankey rear graveyard plan 2011

St Mary Great Sankey rear graveyard 1971 - photo 1 of 4 St Mary Great Sankey rear graveyard 1971 - photo 2 of 4

St Mary Great Sankey rear graveyard 1971 - photo 3 of 4 St Mary Great Sankey rear graveyard 1971 - photo 4 of 4

St Mary, Rear Graveyard in 1971. These photographs were taken just before the landscaping took place.

The OPC, Jean Berry, has photographs of many of the graves which are still visible, and also has some details of gravestones which were removed when the landscaping was done. If you are looking for a specific grave, please contact Jean with full details, using the 'EMail' link on the left (the quill pen symbol).

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