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Miscellaneous Transcriptions
from the Parish of Over Kellet

Transcriptions of Miscellaneous Items from LDS Film 93986

St Cuthbert Church, Parish of Over Kellet, Lancashire

These extracts are from:
Fees Book and Easter Dues 1795 – 1846 Volume 4 (N. B.:Pages not numbered, the transcriber counted the pages and numbered accordingly)

Transcription 1
[Page 27 from start (first of 2 pages on CD Image 150)]

The parish register is a parchment book, in which all the christenings, marriages, and burials of the parish are recorded. This was first ordered by the Lord Vicegerent Cromwell in the 30th year of King Henry VIII Anno Dom. 1538, Prideaux D.D _

Over Kellet Bells.

No_1 T Meers of London fecit _ 1824.
No_2 Sancte Petre ora pro nobis
No. 3 Jesus be our speed

Kellet Seeds.

Derived from the Latin word caduas falling _ Coppice from the Greek verb copto to cut. ___(W. Greene Bradley.)___________
Kellet Sides __(In Wm Wilson’s Deeds.) __

Transcription 2
[Page 52 from start (second of 2 pages on CD Image 162)]

Lancaster Gazette, Feby 13. 1858 The High Sheriff of Lancashire. ____ The following announcement appeared in the London Gazette of Friday: ---
‘Duchy of Lancaster Feb: 3. The Queen has been this day pleased to appoint George Marton of Capernwray Hall Esq. to be Sheriff of the County Palatine of Lancaster for the ensuing year’.

It is 25 years since Col: Marton was High Sheriff _. Lancaster Gazette. _____

Transcription 3 Part of the will of Thomas Withers
[Page 159,160, 161 from start (both pages on CD Images 216 and first page of 217)]

Thomas Withers of Over Kellet hath by his last will & Testament (duly executed) bearing date the 24th day of Novr1709 Given & devised unto the Township of Over Kellet & Capernwray immediately after the death& decease of Margaret his wife all their his 3 Closes or Parcels of Land called the Riddings containing by estimation altogether 7 Acres & a half of Land or thereabout and all and every the Rights & Privileges & Appurtenances whatsoever to the same or any part or parcel thereof belonging or anywise appertaining & the Reversion Reversions Remainder & Remainders Rents ????? & Profits thereof unto the said Township of Kellet & Capernwray for ever. Nevertheless upon especial Trust & Confidence & to the use Intents and purposes following. That is to say that immediately after the decease of Margaret his wife the Overseers of the poor of the said township ___ with the advice and assistance of 5 or more of the most substantial Freeholders Inhabitants of the said township _ do let to farm the said devised Closes called the Riddings for 3 years or a longer term, to such person or persons as will keep them in good repair & order & give the most Rent for them Yearly and He also wills that the yearly Rent or profits of the same be applied to the putting and placing out apprentices to some convenient Trade or Manufactory such of the children of such poor people inhabiting the said Township of Over Kellet & Capernwray who receive alms or have allowances for & towards their Maintenance from the poor stock of the said Township. And his will is & he doth thereby direct that the children so to be placed shall not at the time of their being put Apprentices be less than 12 years of age not be bound for a longer Term than 7 years. He also wills that in every 3 years forever after the death of his wife Margaret one apprentice shall be put forth as aforesaid by the Overseers of the poor with the advice and assistance of 5 or more of the most substantial Inhabitants of the said Township as aforesaid. And he also orders that 3 years Rents or clear profits of the said devised Lands shall be applied to the putting forth of one apprentice & no more so to continue for ever. And that the first apprentice so to be put out as aforesaid shall be placed out within one year after the decease of the said Margaret his wife and at the end of 3 years after that another to be put forth & so each 3 years one successively for ever according to the directions aforesaid. But if it shd happen that no poor child or children shd offer for Apprentice in any 3 years as aforesaid, then he wills that the yearly profits of the said devised Lands be disposed of to the assistance of such poor persons as aforesaid in getting their children such school learning as to fit them for Apprenticeships . And he further wills that so much of this his will as appertains to these devised Lands be entered at large in a Book to be provided by the said Township & that the Indentures of each and every apprentice put forth as aforesaid be entered at large in the said Book & all the money received & disbursed upon the said devised Lands which book to be in the custody of the overseers of the Poor successively.

The above is a true copyof the
original Willof Thos Withers
as far as it respects 3 Closes
called the Riddings –
R. Fletcher

Augt 4 1766 Thos Backhouse

Copied from a paper in the possession of Dr Ainslie – Hall Garth.
24 Sep 1856

Transcription 4
[Page 163 and 164 from start (both pages on CD Image 218)]

‘Augt. the 29. Ano domi 1693

Memorand –
That Walter Cocke of Over Kellet in the County of Lancaster aforesaid deceased hath by his last will & testament under hand and seal bearing date the sixth day of August Ano Domi 1693 did give & bequeath unto Roger Esskrigg of Over Kellet one close or inclosure of Arable & Medow ground commonly called & known by the name of Thorney for the payeing & disscharging of several Legacies or sums of money mentioned in the said will amongst which one sum or legacy of 20s to be paid by the said Roger Esskrigg his heires executors administrators or assignees at or upon the second day of Februaire next after the death of Agnes Cocke relict of him the said Walter Cocke yearly & every year for ever unto the Churchwardens of Over Kellet for the tyme being & to their successors in the said offices for the sole onely use & benefit of a School-master teaching young children at the Free-schoole at Over Kelletas by the said will, (relation being thereunto had,) may and doth appear[?] wide [?] at large it being the will and minde of the testator & donor hereof that the Legacy of 20s should be registered in the booke that it might be kept safe for future generations, also it was his will and minde that case he the said Roger Esskrigg his heires executors administrators or assignes or any of them doo neglect or refuse to pay the saide sume of 20 shilli as aforesaid . Then the Churchwardens shall enter the said close called Thorney & hould the sum till they be fully satisfied for the want[?] thereof.
This is a true copye of the last will and testament of Walter Cocke concerning the legacy of 20 shillings given the free schoole at Over Kellet . Witnesses hereto

Copied from the ‘Register of Marriages, Births of Infants and Burialls within the Parochiall Chapellrie of Over Kellet since year 1653’

Transcription 5
[Page 166 from start (second page on CD Image 219)]

The Revd W. Nelson died 7 Septr 1837 . Aged 52.
Interred at Gressingham 12 Septr 1837

1844 Decr 7 Farm house at Keerholme destroyed by Fire Decr 7 1844
Keer-holme Estate Adv???s??ment A.61. P. 3. P. 27.

Robt Butcher appointed Schoolmaster Jan: 22nd 1838
do___do__ left _______________ 28 Ap. 1845
William Jackson left Kellet 19 Ap:l died 29th Apl.1847
Edwin Brierley appointed School master Sep: 29th -1848
do___do__ commenced School Octr 17 - 1848
do___do__ Sunday School _____ Octr 22nd 1848
do___do__ resigned the School June 24 1851
Thos. Wearing elected School-master 12 Septr 1851
do___do__ commenced at Sunday School 16 Sep: 1851

Thos. Bentham appointed Clerk and
Sexton (lyme[?]) April 25th _______ ___1847_______

Bridget Lawson commenced at Sunday
School Novr 3rd 1861 ____________________________

Transcription 6
[Page 169 from start (first page on CD Image 221)]

(Halton) 1801
Mrs Sarah Stainbank wife of the Revd James
Stainbank & mother of W. B. Bradshaw Esquire
Interred in the family vault Octr 21st

Transcription 7
[Pages 174 and 175 from start (second page on CD Image 223, first page of 224)]

Charity Commission
24th Novr 1897


An Application has been received at this office from Messrs Pearson & Pearson writing of [sic] behalf of Mr Aylmer Ainslie & Mr George Longton who held a sum of £451. 4 per cent preference stock of the Lancashire & Yorkshire Railway Company in trust for Public purposes in the Township of Over Kellet for the approvable of the Commissioners to the transfer of the sum of stock, together with a sum of £30 cash in hand representing accrued dividends to the Parish Council of Over Kellet under the provisions of Section 14(1) of the Local Government Act 1894.

The Commissioners are prepared to make an order authorising the transfer in accordance with the application in which they understand , that the parish council concur.

I may however explain that if and when the transfer to the parish council is effected , the latter will only hold the Capital on trust to apply the income arising therefrom upon the subsisting trusts so far as they are known viz: for some public purpose or purposes for the benefit of the Township of Over Kellet generally.

I am sir
your obedient servant
G. Holford (signed)

To the Clerk
Parish Council
Over Kellet

The above charity now consists of £601 3 per cent
Preference Stocks, Lancashire & Yorkshire Railway
Octr 1905

Transcription 8
[Pages 184 from start (second page on CD Image 228)]

Dalton Park – Parish of Melling
- Hall – Dr Whittington
Succession Duty date - 19 May 1853
1650 Jacques Minister of Over Kellet)
1650 Mr Whitehead Minister of Over Kellet) Simpson History of Lancaster
J. ?. W. age 74 15 Decr 1857 - Age: H. Wilson b. 25 Decr 1802
Edmund Simpson Registrar of Births and Deaths – district of Lancaster
Revd W. Mackreth – age 74 - 1858
Mr Croft --------------age 80 Jany 31 - 1859
Eliz ___B___ 12 Octr __ 1859 ___[age?]62
R. F___ B__ 31st July _ 1860 __ [age?]59

Transcription 9
[Pages 250 from start (second page on CD Image 263 (some pages were repeated))]

Chapelry of Over Kellet
Anno Domini 1830

Number of Houses 93. Population 493. Number of Indigent and labouring Classes 388. Boys educated at the Free Grammar School 56. Boys at the Sunday School 39. Girls at the S. School 43. Girls educated at the Day Schools 44. ___________

Population 1831 __________________________446
Grammar school endowed before 1700
Dames school _________ before 1800
Day School __ Decr 1850

Population 1841 __________________________503

Houses 1851 Inhabited 46 Uninhabited houses 4. __ 1. Building Total no of houses 101.
Population 1851 488 254 Males 234 Females. Return made 31st March 1851.

Dames School 15 feet by 10 feet 7 inches receives from a weekly paymt. From scholars £6 10s 0d
Mrs Miller’s 15 feet 7 inches by 14; receives from Scholars £2 16s 4d
Grammar School master receives from Rent £38 0s 0d
______do___do___do____do__ from Scholars £16 0s 0d
  £54 0s 0d

Population 1861
No of Houses Inhabited 89 Uninhabited 9 Building -
Males 209 Females 212 Total 421
Persons temporariliy present Males 2 Females 2 Total 4
Absent Females 2 Total 2
Total Males 207 Females 212 Total 419
April 7th 1861 Thomas Wearing, Enumerator

Transcription 10
[The St Cuthbert Marriage Records obtained from LDS did not include any marriages between November 1850 and June 1854 because pages 20 and 21 of the Register were not filmed. Some information on the marriages in that time period was obtained from the records of Church Fees paid at that time which are recorded as follows. These records come from Pages 140, 141, 142, 143, 144, 147, 148, 149 from start (second page on CD image 206, both pages on CD images 207, 208, 210, first page on CD image 211). Other records show that the dates of payment of marriage fees were always the same dates as the marriages]

Page 140 Year 1850
Decr 14 1850 Marriage Wm Barrow and Agnes Byram Fee 5s
Page 141 Year 1851
No marriages recorded up to June 23
Page 142 Year 1851
No marriages recorded up to the end of the year
Page 143 Year 1852
Feb 8 1852 Publication of Banns N. Hutchinson, M. Lancaster Fee 1s
Feb 24 1852 Marriage of N. Hutchinson, M. Lancaster Fee 5s
May 16 1852 Publication of Banns J. Marshall, M. Cock Fee 1s
June 1 1852 Marriage Jas Marshall _ M _Cock Fee 5s
Page 144 Year 1852
No further marriages recorded up to the end of the year
Page 147 Year 1853
No marriages recorded up to May 26
Page 148 Year 1853
Nov 27 1853 Publication of Banns Rt Lund & Ann Garnett Fee 1s
[Marriage of Rt Lund and Ann Garnett not recorded]
Page 149 Year 1854
Jan 18 1854 Marriage by Licence John Harrison Margt Platt Fee 10s
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