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The City of Manchester
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Manchester Skyline Photograph by kind permission and © of Edward Smith, 2010

The name Manchester originates from the Ancient Roman name Mamucium.

During the Industrial Revolution of the 18th century, the area expanded rapidly and Manchester became a world leader in the manufacture of textiles. The damp climate was particularly conducive to the spinning and weaving of cotton.

Manchester gained city status in the 19th century and has evolved to be a thriving cosmopolitan city with many beautiful listed buildings. Of these, the Cathedral, the University (Est. 1824), Town Hall, Central Library and the 600 years old building that is now the Chetham School of Music are major tourist attractions.

Manchester Central Library
Manchester Central Library
Victoria Station
Victoria Station

The IRA bomb explosion of 1996 devastated an area of central Manchester, but the redevelopment has enhanced and opened up this area. This allows a clear view of Chethams, the Cathedral and the nearby Victoria Station which was built mid 19th century.

The 16th Century buildings in Shambles Square suffered only minor damage, having been protected by the surrounding buildings. During the redevelopment, it was dismantled and rebuilt 300 metres north of the original location.

Shambles Square
Shambles Square
Photograph by kind permission and © of Edward Smith, 2010
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