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The Church of All Saints, Chorlton-on-Medlock
in the County of
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All Saints Church, Chorlton on Medlock in 1900
All Saints Church, Chorlton on Medlock in 1900
Image courtesy of Manchester Libraries, Information and Archives (ref m69909)

All Saints was the main parish church from 1820 to 1866, but the population increased greatly during that time, and two mission chapels were founded in addition to the main church: St Matthias Mission and Tuer St Mission (later St Ambrose).

Timeline of the three churches

1820-1866  All Saints Parish Church was the standalone church.

The population of the parish increased massively in that time, and two mission chapels were founded in addition to the main church:

2 Dec 1866:  St Matthias Mission on Saville Street in the north of the parish was consecrated. Rev. John Watson was appointed curate in charge. St Matthias always remained part of the All Saints parish.

1873-1884:  Tuer St Mission (later St Ambrose). The Tuer St School buildings in the south of All Saints  parish were licensed for worship. Rev. Charles Partington was appointed curate in charge.

1884:  Parish of St Ambrose The parish of All Saints was divided, with the southern (Tuer St) end becoming the new Parish of St Ambrose. The area had been referred to as ‘the district of St Ambrose’ since around 1881, when work on the new church commenced.

22 Nov 1884:  St Ambrose Church new building on Higher Chatham St was consecrated (the Tuer St building reverted to being just a school). Rev Partington was first incumbent of St Ambrose.

St Matthias Mission continued as a chapel within All Saints parish until its closure in the early twentieth century.

Rectors of All Saints Parish

1820 - 1866         Charles Burton
1867 - 1887         Gustavus Matthew Burton
1887 - 1914         David Ellison

Curates-in-Charge of St Matthias

1866 - 1868        John Watson
1868 - 1871        Possibly no official appointment for this period
1871 - 1875        Edward Poole
1875 - 1884        George Hays
Dec 1884            Robert Howarth

Rev. Poole had been a curate in All Saints parish since 1867; he also acted as chaplain to Manchester Royal Infirmary. Rev. Poole may have been officiating at St Matthias before his formal appointment in 1871.

Curate-in-Charge of Tuer St/St Ambrose

Jun 1873 - 1884               Charles Edward Partington was curate-in-charge of Tuer St Mission
Nov 1884 - 1898               Charles Edward Partington was Rector of St Ambrose

Other curates were appointed to All Saints Parish generally, and it has not been possible to allocate them to any of the three buildings specifically.

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