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The Parish of Our Lady and St Nicholas, Liverpool Central
in the County of
-- Lancashire --

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Our Lady and St Nicholas with St Anne, Chapel Street
1659 - 1961

Photograph by kind permission Dave Wood
Photograph by kind permission Dave Wood

In 1353 land was granted to the Mayor and Burgesses of Liverpool on which to build a larger chapel to replace the existing chapel of St. Mary del Quay, known to have been in existence in 1257.

In February 1361 - 62 'the new Church of St. Nicholas was dedicated. Until 1699 St. Nicholas was regarded as a chapel of ease to Walton Church. In that year, however, an act was secured to create the new parish of Liverpool.

In 1718 it was found necessary to enlarge the church further. In 1775 the church was reported to be in a ruinous state and it was decided to pull down the external walls and the roof, the new church being rebuilt around the old galleries.

On 11th February 1810 the spire of the church collapsed bringing down the tower, roof and galleries of the church. 25 people were killed and 24 badly injured. The tower was quickly rebuilt and was completed in early 1815.

The body of St. Nicholas' Church was badly damaged by air raids on 20th December 1940 and was completely destroyed in May 1941. In 1943 a temporary church was built within the ruins and in 1949 work was commenced on the rebuilding of the church. The new building was re-consecrated on 18th October 1952.

Despite the medieval origins of the church, the earliest extant register commenced on 27th November 1659. Earlier registers extended back to at least 1604, but appear not to have survived. Bishop's Transcripts for some years between 1604-1659 are held in the Lancashire Record Office.

Photograph by kind permission Dave Wood
Photograph by kind permission Dave Wood

The registers of St. Nicholas from 1659 -1725 have been printed by the Lancashire Parish Register Society in volumes 35 and 101 of its publication. Volume 35 (1909) also contains a transcript of the Bishop's transcripts for 1604-1606, 1610, 1614, 1617, 1619, 1620, 1622, 1625 - 1630, 1636, 1639-1641.


Repository: Liverpool Record Office
Ref No 283 NIC
Accession No 358A and 2405
Extent 223 volumes
Registers: Early (bap. marr. bur.) 1659 - 1812
Baptisms 1812 - 1929
Marriages 1754 - 1961
Burials 1813 - 1854
Banns 1918 - 1943
Other 1731 - 1955

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