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The Parish of St George Derby Square, Liverpool Central
in the County of
-- Lancashire --

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St George Derby Square

St George's Church

St George’s church was completed in 1734 on the old site of Liverpool Castle and was partly rebuilt between 1819-25. It was eventually demolished in the late 1890’s due to failing to attract a congregation. It was replaced by a Monument to Queen Victoria which is still standing on this spot to the present day.

The original church was designed with rustic arches on one side and a large terrace which was used to occupy the Red Cross market. The original spire height was reduced in 1833, in its time it was regarded as 'one of the handsomest in the kingdom.'

The earlier congregation would have been the Mayors & Lawyers of the town, later tradesmen and seafarers. The incumbent preached a sermon in 1863 denouncing the choice of a new Jewish Mayor and from that time the mayor and corporation ceased to attend St. George's.

The original Castle would have had a vantage point over the River Mersey, so the Church site would have been close to the main Piers, Town Hall and had a market place in the front of the church. It would have been in the heart of busy Liverpool Port, between the seafaring community, residential buildings and merchant shops in the surrounding area.

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