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The Church of St Paul, Little Hulton
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St Paul's Church
St Paul's Church

The original Peel Chapel was built by the Yates family and consecrated in 1760 as a Chapelry in the Parish of Deane. The original Chapel was situated slightly to the north of the present Church covering what are now the vaults of the Kenyon & Fletcher family.

Notes in the 1861-1884 baptism register record changes in the status of Peel St Paul as follows:-

A note written in a blank entry in late March 1874 reads "By an Order in Council dated March 17 1874, and published in the London Gazette of March 20 1874 a District Chapelry was assigned to Peel Chapel, which, until it becomes a 'New Parish' on the next avoidance of the Living of Deane is styled 'The District Chapelry of St. Paul Peel'."

A note added against a baptism entry dated 5 Nov 1876 reads "The Vicar of Deane having resigned his Benefice on Nov 1st 1876 all dependance of Peel upon the Mother Parish ceased. C. P. Roberts Vicar cf entry after March 15 1874".

Thus Peel Chapel became the Parish of St Paul, Peel in late 1876. A foundation stone for the present Church was laid by Lord Kenyon on 5th August 1874 and the Church was consecrated on 14th December 1876.

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