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The Parish of St Andrew, Leyland
in the County of
-- Lancashire --

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St Andrews Church

The church reflects much history and it is thought that when originally constructed the roof was thatched. It has beautiful stained glass windows depicting biblical scenes and numerous inscriptions abound to past members of the church and parish.

It was about 1220 that the new church of stone was built, consisting of a nave and chancel. The chancel remaining virtually unchanged to this present day.

The tower after the chancel, today remains more or less as it was when completed at the end of the 15th Century. Today it houses a peal of ten bells; there is evidence of their existence in the ‘Worden Deed’, of 1524. Until the end of the 1900’s the bells were rung at 05.55 and the evening bell at 20.00. The bells are now only rung for special occasions mainly due to the lack of campanologists in the area.

It was in the 19th century that the nave was taken down and an entirely new one built 19 feet wider than the previous one. This took place in 1817 and later in the century 1872, there were further additions and alterations.

The Churchyard

There has always been a churchyard around the Parish church of Leyland; some of the stones by their age and dates bear witness to the history of the church and burial area. It is very noticeable the craftsmanship which is present, also misspellings; the types of stone used, designs and shapes representing the styles of days gone by.

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