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The Parish of Leigh
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Leigh Churches

Churches open before 1837

Church of England
St Mary the Virgin (the parish church, St Mary's Way): pre-1264, registers 1558
Roman Catholic
Bedford RC Chapel (later St Joseph RC Church, Mather Lane), 1778
Wesleyan Methodist (later just Methodist)
Bedford (Chapel Street), 1793
Leigh (Pennington, King Street), 1816
Independent (later Congregational and now United Reformed)
Bethesda Independent (Pennington, Newton Street, later in Union Street), 1809
Religious Society of Friends ("Quakers")
Friends Meeting House (Pennington, Twist Lane) 1635-1837 approx (no longer extant)

Later Churches to end of 19th century

Church of England
Bedford, St Thomas (Chapel Street) 1840
Westleigh, St Paul (Westleigh Lane) 1847
Pennington, Christ Church (Schofield Street) 1854
Westleigh, St Peter (Firs Lane) 1881
Roman Catholic
Westleigh, Our Lady of the Rosary (Plank Lane) 1879
Westleigh, Twelve Apostles (Nel Pan Lane) 1879
Methodist (Wesleyan M, United M and Primitive M merged as "Methodist" in 1932)
Wesleyan: Westleigh, Trinity (Westleigh Lane) 1877
Wesleyan: Leigh, Orchard Lane (formerly Atherton), Welsh, ca 1895 (no longer extant)
Free United: Westleigh (Wigan Road), by 1893
Free United: Westleigh (Plank Lane), 1886 (no longer extant)
Primitive: Pennington (Bradshawgate), 1881 (later in Leigh, Windermere Road but no longer extant - my thanks to Eric Gregson for this information)
Primitive: Pennington (Cook Street), by 1893 (no longer extant)
Primitive: Westleigh (Firs Lane), by 1893 (no longer extant)
Independent Methodist
Atherton (The Avenue - later Leigh), by 1893 (no longer extant)
Westleigh (Smallbrook Lane, Dangerous Corner), by 1849? (believed no longer extant)
Pennington (Church Street), by 1893
Leigh (Twist Lane), 1897 (I am again indebted to Eric Gregson for drawing my attention to this chapel which is no longer extant)
Unknown Denomination
A chapel, so far unidentified, is shown on the corner of John Street and Silk Street on the 1844 OS map. It does not appear on either the 1893 or 1905 maps

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