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The Church of the Holy Trinity, Horwich
in the County of
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Holy Trinity Church, Horwich
Holy Trinity Church, Horwich

Horwich Chapel was one of two Chapels of Ease, within the Parish of Deane, the other being Westhoughton. There have been three buildings on this site, the first chapel existed between 1563 and 1662 when the Rev. James Watson was ejected. The second chapel, dedicated to Holy Trinity, was demolished in 1831 (see picture), the present church was built next to the old one the foundation stone was laid 21 May 1830 by Joseph Ridgway Esq. J.P. one of the principal benefactors. Francis Redford was the architect

Horwich is known to have existed since the early 16th Century. An inventory in 1552 says that Horwich Chapel had a poor suite of clothes, with two corporases (white linen cloths to cover the table), a chalice with a paten, an alter cloth, a cruet, a little sacrying bell, a bucket, two candlesticks and three bells (not yet hung).

The first Registers of the church date back to 1660, the earliest gravestone bears the date 1648.

On a gravestone of George Southern of Aspull who died June 3rd 1774 reads this verse:-

Go home, my dear and cease your tears
I must lie here till Christ appears
My debt is paid, my grave your fee
Wait patiently, you'll follow me.

List of Clergy
1522 Edward Tempest
1650 Henry Pendlebury
1662 James Walton
1731 Robert Harvey
1749 John Norcross
1788 Samuel Johnson
1826 David Hewitt
1853 Henry Septimus Pigott

In 1699 the following inhabitants of Horwich had seats in the chapel : Sir Charles Anderton Bart, Matthew Highefton, James Hilton, Thomas Anderton, Augustus Greenhough, Lord Willoughby, Hugh Whittle, George Marsh, Thomas Nightingale, Thomas Rothwell, John Greenhough, William Makinson, Whittle of Lowerhouse, Peter Gorton, Richard Pilkington, Augustus Greenhough, Peter Boardman, John Knowles, William Jonson, Henry walker, Peter Longworth and Wilson, Hunts and Horrocks, Thomas Knowles, Oliver and John Greenhough, Nathan Markland, Robert Pendlebury, Adam Hodgkinson, Thomas Thomasson, Scowles Bank, Thomas Roscoe.


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Holy Trinity Church, Horwich
Holy Trinity Church, Horwich
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