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The Church of All Saints, Satterthwaite
in the County of
-- Lancashire --

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Burials at All Saints
in the Parish of Satterthwaite

These Burial records are from the Bishops Transcripts from All Saints, Satterthwaite, near Hawkshead. Almost all the records from 1867 to 1903 contained Page and Entry Nos from the Parish Register. This enabled the few missing numbers from this period to be allocated with confidence. There were no records from 1904 and the four records from 1905 were from page 20 of the Register but without Entry Nos. It is possible, therefore, that there were 1904 and some 1905 records which were not in the Bishops Transcripts.

The Burial Ground at Satterthwaite was consecrated in 1867 as recorded by the Vicar when submitting his Transcripts in 1871 as follows:-

"I Haygarth Baines, Clerk, Vicar of Satterthwaite in the County of Lancaster and Diocese of Carlisle, do hereby solemnly declare that the several writings hereto annexed, purporting to be copies of the several entries contained in the several register books of Baptisms and Burials of the parish of Satterthwaite aforesaid, for Baptisms from the 31st day of December 1864 to the first day of January 1871 , for Burials from the Consecration of the Burial Ground on 12th day of March 1867 to the 6th day of May 1871 are true copies of all the several entries in the several register books respectively, from the said 31st day of December 1864 to the said 1st day of January 1871 and from the said 12th day of March 1867 to the said 6th day of May 1871 , and that no other entry during such period is contained in any of such books respectively, excepting those truly made as aforesaid, according to the best of my knowledge and belief.

[Signed] Haygarth Baines

[Witnessed by] Robt Garnett and J. T. Inman, Churchwardens"

The Register for Burials at All Saints 1867 - 1905 with Surname Index

There are 155 Burial Records extracted for this Church

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