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BOTELER High School. Warrington.

Now known as Sir Thomas Boteler High School.

It has a long and important history that spans almost half a millennium. Originally founded as a grammar school by Sir Thomas Boteler, a medieval lord of the manor in the fifteenth century.

Sir Thomas was born in Bewsey Warrington 1461 and was knighted by King Henry V11. He died on April 27th 1522 and was buried in the Boteler chapel of the Parish Church.

Recognising the necessity of education, Sir Thomas had made a will in which 500 gold marks from his estate were to be put aside for the purchase of land to found a free grammar school in Warrington to endure forever.

His wishes were carried out when a deed was signed on April 16th 1526, four years after his death, to establish a school. One of his direct wishes was that the Master be "Honest and discreet priest.. learned in grammar". The first Master was Richard Taylor.

The original school was built on land near to the Parish Church so the boys could pray morning and likewise at night before they departed, Although these buildings have long since been replaced, the 1736 Boteler school building can still be seen at school brow, near to Manchester Road and Church Street, not far from the original site at the Parish church.

A Thomas Boteler school remains today situated at Grammar School Road Latchford, a tribute to what must have been a Great Man.

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