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The Parish of Fence in Pendle
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Fence and Wheatley Lane are villages within in the civil parish of Old Laund Booth forming part of Pendle District Council.

Previously they consisted of two townships:

Old Laund Booth

This township consists of two portions of nearly equal size, parted by a projection from Goldshaw Booth and part of Higham; the total area is 431½ acres. The population in 1901 was 549. The eastern portion is the principal and larger one; it contains the hall, the hamlets of Wheatley Lane and Lower Harpers, with Blackwood and Brownbrinks to the north and Raven's Clough to the south. The western or detached part contains Fence. The road from Fence to Barley adjoins the northern boundary, and that from Whalley to Barrowford and Colne passes through both parts of the township. The surface falls from an elevation of 780 ft. above sea level in the north to 350 ft. in the south-eastern corner, below Old Laund Hall. The land is used for pasture, there being 603 acres in permanent grass and 34 acres of woods and plantations, but no arable land. Many of the people are employed at the mill in the adjacent township. There is a parish council for the extended township or civil parish of Old Laund Booth, the interposed parts of Goldshaw and Higham having been included in it in 1898.

Wheatley Carr Booth

This small township, only 254 acres in extent, was considered extra-parochial. It lies on the right bank of Pendle Water, from which the ground rises 200 ft. towards the north-west to Wheatley Lane. It was long divided into three tenements—Wheatley Carr, Wheatley Laith and Higher Wheatley; this last is now the Inghamites' chapel. A small stream flows through Higgen Clough, lying rather on the eastern side, where villa residences have been erected in recent years. A bridle road traverses the township and crosses Pendle Water by a ford opposite Lomeshaye Mills.

Extract from “A History of the County of Lancaster”

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