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Euxton Parish Church
Euxton Parish Church

Euxton (pronounced Exton) is a chapel in the parish of Leyland. Euxton means "Farmstead of a man called Aefic" and in ancient times the area was forested with undulating hills and rivers. Euxton sits astride a main north-south route (today it's the A49 or Wigan Road) although in the middle ages it was pack route.

At one time Euxton had a lively milling industry due to water power provided by the River Yarrow. Mills included bobbin, corn and even paper making. During the second world war, Euxton was home to a munitions factory employing up to 35,000 people. Reputedly, the factory was placed in Euxton due to the prevalance of mists making it hard for enemy bombers to find the location. The factory site is now being developed into a new village called Buckshaw Village. Some of the original buildings have been retained and are used as an annex to the local 6th form college Runshaw college, which is situated just over the borders of Euxton, in Leyland. The former Euxton Hall has been converted into Euxton Hall Hospital and is on the main road through the village (A49) on the right hand side traveling from Preston through to Wigan.


The church of Euxton does not have a dedication but was founded in the 14th century although there is evidence of an even earlier structure underneath. The chief architectural features are the windows in the north and south walls. The piscina and sedile belong to the 14th century and four other windows also date from the 14th century.

Today, Euxton parish church is a grade 2 listed structure able to seat 191 people for services.


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