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The Parish of Coppull
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A History of Coppull

I was approached by Michael Fisher from Canada, Online Parish Clerk for Coppull and other villages in this area. Michael had discovered the book written by the late Hubert Walsh and wanted to know if he could be given permission to publish the work on his web site.

Some time ago, Hubert had given me permission to abridge, from this book, his history of Coppull Parish Church in order for me to use it in our branch project, (transcribing the registers of the church). He was quite proud of the fact that I wished to use his work and of course he was given an acknowledgement.

I rang Mrs Walsh, the widow of Hubert and explained the situation to her. She decided that Hubert would be pleased to allow his work to be placed on the On-Line Parish Clerk (OPC) web site.

Because the book was typed in 1978 (before the common use of PCs) and it had been copied using a Gestetner or similar duplicating machine, my copy was not of good enough quality to be scanned or photo-copied successfully.

I decided to re-type Hubert’s work. In doing so, a couple of errors were discovered and these have been noted in the new copy as an extra, but leaving Hubert’s original work intact.

I have also taken the liberty of including a page showing all the village churches.

My intention is to ask the local schools and the libraries if they would like a copy of this to keep with their original one. A copy of it, together with our original, will be placed in our Research Centre in Astley Hall, Chorley.

Typed by Mrs Rita M. Platt – Secretary/Ref. Librarian
  Chorley Branch
  Lancashire Family History & Heraldry Society
Proof Readers Mrs Ann Henry & Mrs Rita M. Platt
Church Photographs Mr Joseph Henry

Rita M Platt
May 2005

The Booklet is in PDF format and is a file 220Kbytes in size.

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