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Burnley Cemetery, Burnley
in the County of
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Burnley Cemetery was opened on 1st Jun 1856. The cemetery is the final resting place of many prominent people who helped to shape Burnley. The Victorian section of the cemetery is home to some very important and interesting memorials.

The cemetery has a chapel which opened in 1923 and has recently undergone major refurbishment to reflect all religions and beliefs.

The Cemetery site covers 17,367 hectares or 176,677 m2 and has over 51,000 graves with space for more.

Grave Numbering
The oldest part of the cemetery has graves which are purely numerical and graves prefixed with the letter A.
At the beginning of the 20th Century the Cemetery was extended, these graves have the prefix NE.
More recently, new areas have been introduced:
M, MTP, MTB are all Muslim Plots
NRC are New Roman Catholic
AP are Ash Plots
SM are for Sisters of Mercy
HG are Half Graves for ashes only but with a full headstone
LHG are new half grave plots opened in 2015 - Laburnum Half Graves
NHG are new half graves in a section of the NRC plot - New Half Graves
Any other Grave No commencing with L are Lawn Plots

The numerous Burial Registers are held at the Bereavement Offices at Burnley Cemetery. Ten years ago it was decided to commence the onerous task of transcribing the approximate 150,000 entries and storing them on computer. A database was set up by a previous Cemetery employee Jim Stansfield who is now retired. The work has continued by employees Susan Wright and Angela Broughton with help from Burnley Library Volunteer Chris McCarthy and was completed in April 2011.

Bereavement Services Manager, Cameron Collinge has kindly agreed to us publishing these transcriptions on our website for which we are very grateful. Also, many thanks to Susan Wright for assisting in transferring all the data.

More information on these records can be obtained from Burnley Cemetery by email or phone on 01282 664602 or 01282 664615

Unfortunately, because of different legal requirements, it is not possible for us to publish the Cremation records. If you require information about a cremation, please contact Burnley Cemetery directly by using the phone or email above, and they will look up the record for you.

A Map of Burnley Cemetery
A Map of Burnley Cemetery

A higher resolution image is available by clicking the link on the image. This file is 1Mbyte in size. To download this map to your computer, right click and select 'save Target/Link as'. Do not select 'save image' or you will just get the lower resolution image seen on this page.

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