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BLACKBURN families in the CEMEX / Rugby Cement Archive.

The names [and other information] given on this listing have been abstracted from a series of documents in the CEMEX / Rugby Cement Company Archive. Whilst most of that material in the Archive relates to Warwickshire, there are about 130 Deeds and Documents relating to a site in central Blackburn. This site was originally bounded by Brown Street, John Street, and Cable Street, the latter containing the old “Spread Eagle Inn”. Nearby, and on some of the plans, are Old James Street, Anvil Street and West Street. Today only Brown Street remains and the area is home to Blackburn Market, and is bounded by Penny Street and Ainsworth Street, and is just south of Barbara Castle Way.

The documents chart the growth of this small area of Blackburn from 1788 to 1986 - from the initial sale of farmland; through its use for homes, businesses and the Spread Eagle Hotel; its decline, and final purchase for redevelopment by the Council.

It is uncertain why the documents were in the Rugby Cement Company’s possession, but the land was probably acquired by the Company, or by one of its subsidiaries, as the site for a depot. It appears never to have been used, and was passed back to the Council. This last sale was probably after the advent of the Land Registry, and there was then no need for the Deeds to be passed back to the Council.

The CEMEX / Rugby Cement Archive “rescued” these Deeds from “disposal”. They have now been passed to the Lancashire Record Office for long-term preservation. As formal cataloguing may naturally take some time, it seemed useful to alert Family Historians to the information in advance, and Rugby Cement are grateful to the online Parish Clerks for hosting this listing of the Names - and where available Dates, Relationships, Locations and Occupations.

The data is provided courtesy of, and copyright, the CEMEX / Rugby Cement Archive, and it should be acknowledged as the original source where appropriate. Material can be provided for private study, and non-commercial use, but nothing should be published without consultation. No responsibility is taken that the abstracts and information are correct - and all use is “at own risk”. Contact John Frearson if there are any queries as to usage. For most Family History purposes there should be no problems!!

A full Excel spread-sheet is available listing the Deeds and Names etc. For this on-line listing, the surnames have been grouped together for ease of searching, however, not all will be related - although many are. Place names, if known, are included. If no place or county is given, it is can be assumed as Blackburn and Lancashire. Key dates are given, if known. Generally the date of the document in which the name appears is given [c1788 for example]. The dates for the Deeds range from the 1750s to the 1950s.

For further information please contact: John Frearson, CEMEX/Rugby Cement Archive.


Thomas AINSWORTH the elder [gent - died 9/1/1846]; also Thomas the younger; -- Thomas Ainsworth [Attorney c1810] -- William Ainsworth; -- [died 4/1/1848]; Lawrence Ainsworth [yeoman][c1791] - and widow Alice Ainsworth [pre c1825];

William ASHBURN [attorney's clerk]

George ASPDEN [Steward of Blackburn Conservative Club][c1879]

John ASPINAL [Warehouseman][c1815]; John Aspinall; --- John Craven Aspinall; Anne Aspinall [c1832] ---

Mrs Dorothy ATKINSON [widow].

Miss Elizabeth Grace BACKHOUSE [of Rushton Crescent, Bournemouth, spinster]; Annie Backhouse [spinster]; Mrs Isabella Bury [of 42 Brown st, widow] [quoting Richard Backhouse d. 8/1/1855 - his daughter Mary Elizabeth Backhouse decd d. 25/2/1914 at Yorke Cliffe, Bournemouth - sons Thomas James Backhouse - of Langho - decd d. 11/2/1894 & Henry Backhouse decd d. 9/2/1894 at 24 Wellington St , and Thomas Lee Backhouse [linen draper] execs - also daughter Emma Backhouse decd. d. 2/12/1908 of Ooctacamund, St Peters Rd, Bournemouth. Also re Henry Backhouse decd; [Elizabeth Anne Backhouse d. 8/7/1900 at Bournemouth][Mary Jane Backhouse of 16 Taunton rd - widow - d. 6/5/1919] [NB very complex and needs checking!!!]

Abraham BAKER [of Manchester, filer?].

Russell BANCROFT [director, BS Investments, Wellfield Mill, Whalley Old Road]

Thomas BEARDSWORTH [Attorney][c1792];

Hugh BECCONSALL [gent][c1828];

James BELL [attorney][c1844]

Beatrice BERRY;

William BIRCH [victualler - late a soldier - nephew and heir of William Birch - gent - deceased]; ---- Betty Birch [spinster] probate 1832] her nephew William Birch [painter][c1832]; --- John Birch [weaver][c1819]

Fred BILSBOROUGH [of 21/23 Brown St];

James BIRTWELL [c1880][decd][wholesale grocer] Late of Greenhill, Buncer Lane, d. 26/11/1936]; execs Frank Birtwell [decd d. 22/1/1938]; Elelyn Birtwell [decd. D. 3/5/1958]; Gladys BIRTWELL [of 29 Buncer Lane, Spinster];

Richard BLACKBURN [house agent][c1877];

Richard BLAKE [house in Whitton];

Thomas BLUNDELL [Bricklayer [c1792]; later Innkeeper [c1810]]; Thomas Blundell [victualler]; John BLUNDELL [now of Wutton - gent][c1820];

Sarah BOARDMAN [widow]; Margaret Boardman [spinster][c1828]

Isabella BOWEN [of 156 stanley St, Atherton];

William BOYS [carrier][c1828];

George BRADLEY; --- Thomas BRADLEY [Chemist - c1880]

Joseph BRAMWELL [pre c1875].

Cable BRENNARD [ of Prestwick, Nr Manchester - Calico Printer - c1877]; James BRENNARD

BREWER - see Hayhurst.

John BROOKS [of ? Wilpshire nr Blackburn, gent, c1876]; --- John Brooks [solicitors Clerk][c1876] ---- Richard Brooks [of 118 Griffon St, ret grocer];

James BROWN d. 29/1/1898 [trustees - his daughter Elizabeth Stubbs d. 15/12/1918] ; James Brown [?Dressmaker][c1892]; -- James Brown [gent][c1879] --- John Brown [Carpenter]; James Brown [Lessee of Market Tolls][c1873]

Thomas BULLEN;

William BURCH [gentleman][c1812];

M & E BURDEKIN [c1941]

Alice BURY [of 42 Brown st - spinster]; Isabella Bury [late of 42 brown st - d. 28/8/1933]

Thomas BUTLER;

Joseph Bernard BYRNE [of 22 Poole St, Salesman]

CALVERT - see Grimshaw

Joseph CARLISLE [fruitier][c1844; c1851];

William CARR [attorney][c1789];

John CATLOW [of Eccles Mill - yeoman];

James Patrick CHAMBERS [of Southall, Middx, gent - c1960]

Anthoney CHARNLEY;

John CLARKE [of Little Harwood, farmer][c1876]

John CLOUGH [c1832]

Edward Stephen COMBERBACH [jeweller][c1876]

John COOK [of 40 Brown st, engineer];

Henry COPELAND [grocer][c1828]

George CRAWSHAW [of Edgeworth, Bolton, Blockprinter];

William CRONSHAW [of Livesey, gent - d. 14/12/1890 - in will wife Alice Cronshaw. Alice Cronshaw married William Dean - colourmixer on 22/2/1894 at Accrington] - also see Dean.

Nicholas CROOKE [Warehouseman][c1818]

Alice DEAN [wife of William Dean of Accrington, colour mixer m. 22/2/1894 - was Alice Cronshaw];

Hugh DAWSON [gent][c1828];

Edward Francis DENNIS [of 9 Railway st, Nelson, confectioner]; William Henry Denis [of 51, Castle S, Nelson, retired warp dresser ];

William Wolstenhome DERBYSHIRE [of Chorley - Deputy Borough treasurer];

William DEWHURST [Ironmonger][c1834]

James DICKINSON [Printer];

Thomas DUGDALE [surgeon]; John Dugdale [of Irwell - calico printer]; Thomas DUGDALE ygr - of Hill House, nr Blackburn cotton spinner d. 19/2/1874;

John EDDLESTON [of Mellor - yeoman]; --- James Eddleston [c1819] --- Richard Eddleston [Attorney c1825]

Thomas ECCLES [of Lower Darwin - cotton printer / spinner][c1789]

John EGLAM [c1820]

Alice Annie ELLAM [of 80 Peronne Crescent, spinster]; Joseph Starkie Heywood [widower, of 24 Brown St, retired Tramway Car Driver]; married Alice Annie Ellam [spinster of 24 Brown St, Snack Bar Attendant]

Thomas ERLES - cotton spinner;

Henry FEATHERSTONEHAUGH - Butcher [c1876];

Hilda FLEMING of 36 John [wife of Neil Fleming];


Rev Wm. FISHER [of York, clerk][c1853];

William FISHWICK [of Heapey, crofter, married to his present wife Alice on 7/9/1835]; Betty Fishwick see Howorth.

John FORBES [Hosier - 1919]

Thomas FOREST [of Clayton le Dale, farmer][c1789]

John GALLAGHER [Taylor & Draper][c1877; c1881]

Mary GILL; - see Howarth

Peter GREENOUGH [aka Peter Green, Bird dealer]

Maria Elizabeth GRIFFITHS;

James GRIMSHAW [Enfield, Clayton le Moors, Lancs - railway guard - now of "Egerton Arms" Salford - Innkeeper; mentioning Dorothy Grimshaw, his mother who d. 23/10/1875][c1876, c1878] --- John Calvert [Enfield, Innkeeper]; Ann Calvert [his wife formerly Ann Grimshaw, spinster]; Richard Grimshaw [of Enfield, Power Loom weaver - 1876] ; --- Richard Grimshaw [cordwainer][c1788]; --- William Denham Grimshaw [calico printer]; John Grimshaw [cloth agent][c1873]

Bartholomew GUEST [farmer]; John Guest [labourer][c1825]; --- John Guest [of Nottingham - grocer c1844];

John HACKING; William Hacking;

Thomas HART; Rev Robert Slater HART [of Colton, clerk, c1876];

Thomas HAYHURST [of Wiswell, Weaver - eldest son and heir of William Hayhurst, of Wiswell, Innkeeper - [wife Peggy] - who was eldest brother of Richard Hayhurst, labourer]; Nanny Hayhurst; Annis Hayhurst; The children of William Hayhurst - viz: Betty Hargreaves*; Millison Hayhurst* [of Wiswell, spinster]; John Hayhurst* [of Wiswell, weaver]; Mary Brewer* [her husband John Brewer [farmer]]; --- Elizabeth Hayhurst [c1821]. [All in Deed c 1815]

Henry HARGREAVES [bookseller]; James Hargreaves [stone mason][c1788], John Hargreaves [cotton manufacturer][c1810] [died 21/12/1873]; Roger Hargreaves [weaver]; Also - see Hayhurst.

George HARRISON [of Bamber Bridge in Walton le Dale]; Mary Harrison [spinster]; --- Thomas Harrison [of Kirby Moorside, York, Surgeon][c1792]

John HEATLEY [of 50 John St also of Cherry Tree, nr Blackburn and Martha Elizabeth Heatley his wife];

Joseph Starkie HEYWOOD [widower, of 24 Brown St, retired Tramway Car Driver]; married Alice Annie Ellam [spinster of 24 Brown St, Snack Bar Attendant]

Ida HOLMES [owner of rentcharge][of 116 Quebec Rd, Lammack, Blackburn]

John HOLT [of Whitton - son James Holt - grandchildren Henry Holt and Mary Holt, children of late son John Holt. His daughter Alice wife of Cornelius Cheetham executor with son James]; Thomas HOLT [of Chorley, gent];

William HOPPER [c1834]

James HOWARD [c1791]

Robert HOWORTH or HOWARTH? [confectioner - of Bank court, York, Gent]; Betty Howorth [his wife, formerly Betty Fishwick, of Fishwick, widow]; Percy Howarth; Betty HOWORTH [decd d. 7/9/1843] [of Heapey, Leyland, widow]; grandson William Fishwick, son of son Thomas Fishwick, crofter, late son John; also daughter Mary Gill;

Richard Hewart HOYLE d. 14/1/1893]

George ILLINGWORTH [c1832]; --- Robert Illingworth d. 27/4/1897]

Nancy INGRAM [spinster][c1820]

William IRVING - physician d. 7/4/1892 - son James John Lancaster Irving - c1908]

Elizabeth ISHERWOOD [wife of Samuel Rawlinson Isherwood of Clayton-le-Dale - motor engineer - c1942]

Henry JACKSON [of Clayton le Dale Agricultural Engineer - c1920]

Alexander JENKIN, pattern maker,

John JENNINGS [Foreman joiner]; transferred to John Jennings

Anne JEPSON [spinster - died on 18/1/1843];



Leonard Cresswell KING-WILKINSON [Solicitor - c1948]]

Ralph LATUS [Attorney];

Richard LEEMING [of Rebechester, shuttlemaker][c1880]

Thomas LEWIS [cotton spinner and manufacturer][c1873];

William LONSDALE, accountant.

Daniel MASON [of 10 Broomfieldplace - Railway clerk]

John MARGERISON [grocer then gent][c1851;c1873];

Thomas MARSH [yeoman - and Mary his wife][c1815];

Mary Alice MELLOR [of 38 Brown st - wife of John Mellor, porter];

Edmund MERCER [cotton manufacturer]; Hannah Mercer; Mr & Mrs Henry MERCER;

Richard METCALF [pre c1820];

Dobrivoje MILEKIC [of 15 Regent St, Cotton Operative - c1961]


Eli Pickup MYERSCOUGH [of 44Northgate] - principal Thomas Sharples & Son, Auctioneers/Valuers

James NEVILLE [gentleman][c1810];

George Handel OPENSHAW [Chemist][c1880];

Thomas Ashwell PARRY [of Staplefore, Notts - c1948];

James PILKINGTON [cotton merchant][c1828];

Hernry PLATT [of Hampstead, nr London, Druggist -c1877]

Rev John PRICE [Clerk][c1825];

Proctor RATCLIFFE; --- Thomas Ratcliffe [attorney][c1796; c1851];

James RIDING ? [of ?Samlesbury - farmer][c1815];

George RILEY [Enfiled, Grocer][c1876]; --- Henry Riley [house in Whitton]; --- Ezra Riley [of Manchester, Sawyer c1819]

Abraham Thompson ROBINSON [of 10 Regent St - Wholesale confectioner]

James RODGETT [cotton manufacturer][c1810]

Thomas ROSCOW [Yeoman][c1793];

ROWLANDSON - see Sturdy

Robert SAGAR [of Simonstoun, yeoman] --- William Sagar [of Simonstown, yeoman][c1796];

William SALISBURY [sizer of Cotton Twist][c1834];

Charles Augustus SANDERSON [solicitor - c1908];

Herbert SCHOLES [grocer]; John Charles Scholes [Wholesale Grocer]; Herbert Scholes [of 34 Brown st; and 321 Bolton Rd, - grocer][c1920] --- Henry Scholes [ [of 7 Sunyhurst Lane, Darwen, ret commercial travellor]; Henry Scholes [house in Whitton]


James SHARPLES [of "Cresta", Clayton le Dale - cabinet maker - Will dated 7/6/1901 of James Sharples d. 23/1/1903]; [and late father James Sharples d. 23/1/1903] - and Thomas Sharples; James Sharples and Elizabeth Sharples [of Clayton le Dale - Spinster]. --- James Sherples [of Blackburn, cabinet maker - c1877]; ---- William Sharples [of Shire Brow, Blackburn, joiner and gent]; his sons John Sharples and Thomas Sharples [c1834] --- William Sharples [formerly shop keeper now coal dealer][c1868]; -- John Sharples [joiner][c1853]; -- John Sharples [cotton manufacturer - c1810]

David SHEFFIELD [of Oakenshaw, block cutter][c1819]

James Wilkinson SHEPHERD [ formerly of Appleby, now Penrith, Cumberland - gent - 1908]; --- James Parkinson SHEPHERD [c1908];

James SIMPSON [calico printer][c1828];

Thomas SLATER [print cutter][pre c 1820];

Catherine SMALLEY [died 11/2/1841]; Ellen Haydock [neice of testatrix - died 17/5/1866]; Richard Smalley [c1789];

Rev. Walmsley STANLEY [c1948]

John STARLING and William Starling - stone masons;

Edward STEVENSON [pre c1875]

James Bradley STONES [grocer][c1873];

Clara Ellen STURDY [Spinster]; Blanche Stewardson Sturdy Rowlandson [ Appleby, Westmoreland - spinster - b. 11/12/1886]; James Barlow Stewardson Sturdy [ late cotton spinner d. 8/2/1867 - his wife Ellen d. 4/4/1880; daughters: Annie Maria; Clara Ellen; Dora; Sarah Ann Mallett [nee Sturdy - of Clifton, Westmoreland d. 9/6/1884 with three nieces - Annie Maria Sturdy [later Rowlandson m. Peter R 2/6/1885 - she d. 6/3/1896; he d. 17/6/1898 leaving to his sister Jane Rowlandson]; Clara Ellen Sturdy and Nora Sturdy [d. 5/5/1899; James Sturdy.

Henry SUDELL [merchant & his late uncle John Sudell][c1788]

John TAYLOR [of Whalley, weaver][c1819];

Joseph TELFORD [of Manchester, chemist & druggist];

Samuel TODD [gent][c1879]

Priscilla E TOLLPUTT [of Camberley, childrens' nurse - c1961]

William TOUNLEY [merchant][c1828];

Ann TOWERS [widow c1844];

Catherine WAKEFIELD [c1832];

Elizabeth WALKDEN [c1875]

Ann WALMSLEY [widow]; --- Edward Walmsley [c1834];

Mrs Margaret WALSH [of Lytham st Annes - widow]; Jeffery Walsh deceased d. 13/5/1945

James WARD [Mellor, yeoman c1810 - executor of John Ward, late of Mellor];

Maud Eveline WEALL [wife of John Burton Weall - auctioneer and valuer]; Richard WARD [of 14 Regent st, draper];

Edward WEBSTER [of 185 Pleckgate Rd, gent];

John WELLS [provision merchant]; William Wells - senior [of Dinkley, farmer][c1875]; William Wells [d. 21/11/1880];

William WHALLEY [of 36 Brown st, shoemaker];

James WHITEHEAD [now of Carrington, Chester - yeoman was grocer c1825; c1844];

Henry WHITTAKER [Superintendant Registar - c1880]

Elizabeth Evelyn WIDDOP [of 22 Ward St, widow]; Joseph Robert Widdop;

Alice Elizabeth Harriet WILDE [of Blossomfield, Claremont Crescent, Weston super Mare, widow - formerly of Bonnington, Sandford Rd, Mosely - d. 28/12/1943; Harold Burgess Thomas Wilde [of Broadoaks Cottage, Warwick, Solihull - accountant - son and sole exec]; daughter Mary Wilde; daughter in law Kate Wilde;

Arthur WILLIAMS [of Stafford, auctioneer & estate agent - c1948]

Anne Seddon WILKINSON d. of Thomas Wilkinson of Clayton St, breadbaker; --- Leonard WILKINSON [Attorney][c1832]; --- Leonard Cresswell KING-WILKINSON [Solicitor - c1948]] --- William Wilkinson [Gent c1876]

Rt Hon Robert Guy Eardley YERBURGH Baron Alvington of Woodfold [of Camberley - c1961]

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