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Sacred Heart Marriage Register


The marriage register of Sacred Heart Roman Catholic church at Hindsford, Atherton for the years 1869-1900 is freely available on microfilm at Wigan History Shop. The data presented here were extracted from that film.

Latinised names

As in the example shown, the printed register is in Latin and christian names are latinised. Surnames and places are not latinised.

Example from the Sacred Haert Marriage Registe
Example from the Sacred Haert Marriage Register
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The information given here is exactly as it appears in the register. The christian names have not been translated into English, and come complete with Latin case endings. The following summary and tables are provided to help you translate to English.

The printed Roman Catholic Marriage Register in Latin reads as follows, with * for handwritten entries: Anno * die * mensis * . Ego * in matrimonium conjunxi * de * filium * et * de * filiam *. Praesentibus testibus * de * , * de *.

The English translation from the Catholic Family Historian’s Handbook is as follows: In the year * on the * day of the month of *. I [name of priest] joined in matrimony [name of groom] of [groom’s address] the son of [name of groom’s father] and [name of bride] of [bride’s address] the daughter of [name of bride’s father] In the presence of witnesses [name of best man] of [address of best man] [name of bridesmaid] of [address of bridesmaid]

Latin is an inflected language, which means that the endings of the latinised christian names change according to how they relate to the grammar of the sentence. For instance, if the priest, groom, groom’s father and best man were all called Richard, the latinised versions would be Ricardus [priest], Ricardum [groom], Ricardi [groom’s father] and Ricardo [best man]. The tables below give the forms of the male and female christian names which appear in this register.

Translation of christian names from Latin to English is obvious in most cases, but be aware that one latinised christian name may represent a range of English variations of the same name. For instance, the English names Jane, Joan, Jean, Joannah are all represented by Joanna, and Ann, Anne, Annie and Hannah by Anna. Likewise the latinised Jacobus is both James and Jacob, and Fransiscus could be Francis or Frank.


Sacred Heart church is in Hindsford, a part of Atherton. However, in the years of this register the houses and factories of Hindsford were separated from Atherton town centre by fields, but ran seamlessly into the adjacent Tyldesley town. I suspect the regular priest Richard O’Neill, and many of his flock who lived in Hindsford, were not aware of the distinction and their abodes were recorded simply as Tyldesley. Be aware when checking names against census records that a Tyldesley abode in the register may actually be an Atherton abode in the census.


As can be seen in the example, the surnames of the groom and bride are written in a space at the left, and within the printed register. In a number of cases, the spelling of the surname in the left space differs from that in the register, as recorded in the notes. Every four years or so, the Bishop of Liverpool visited the church and signed off the register (as in the example); this signature relates to all previous entries, not just the one where his signature was placed. Note also that neither groom and bride, nor witnesses, signed the register (unlike non-RC church weddings of this period).

 Males  Females
 English  Groom  Father  Witness
 Albert  Albertum  Alberti  Alberto
 Alfred  Alfridum  Alfridi  Alfrido
 Andrew  Andream  Andreae  Andrea
 Anthony  Antonium  Antonii  Antonio
 Arthur  Arturum  Arturi  Arturo
 Bartholemew  Bartholomeum  Bartholomei  Bartholomeo
 Bernard  Bernardum  Bernardi  Bernardo
 Charles  Carolum  Caroli  Carolo
 Christopher  Christopherum  Christopheri  Christophero
 Clement  Clementinum  Clementini  Clementino
 Cornelius  Cornelium  Cornelii  Cornelio
 Daniel  Danielem  Danielis  Daniele
 Decimus  Decimum  Decimi  Decimo
 Denis  Dionysium  Dionysii  Dionysio
 Dominic  Dominicum  Dominici  Dominico
 Edmund  Edmundum  Edmundi  Edmundo
 Edward  Eduardum  Eduardi  Eduardo
 Eugene  Eugenium  Eugenii  Eugenio
 Felix  Felicem  Felicis  Felice
 Festus  Festum  Festi  Festo
 Florey  Florentium  Florentii  Florentio
 Francis  Fransiscum  Fransisci  Fransisco
 Frederick  Fredericum  Frederici  Frederico
 George  Georgium  Georgii  Georgio
 Henry  Henricum  Henrici  Henrico
 Hubert  Hubertum  Huberti  Huberto
 Hugh  Hugonem  Hugonis  Hugone
 Ignatius  Ignatium  Ignatii  Ignatio
 James  Jacobum  Jacobi  Jacobo
 Jeffrey  Geofrium  Geofrii  Geofrio
 Jeremy  Jeremiam  Jeremiae  Jeremia
 John  Joannem  Joannis  Joanne
 Joseph  Josephum  Josephi  Josepho
 Lawrence  Laurentium  Laurentii  Laurentio
 Leonard  Leonardum  Leonardi  Leonardo
 Lewis  Aloysium  Aloysi1  Aloysio
 Ludovic  Ludovicum  Ludovici  Ludovico
 Luke  Lucam  Lucae  Luca
 Mark  Marcum  Marci  Marco
 Martin  Martinum  Martini  Martino
 Matthew  Matthaeum  Matthaei  Matthaeo
 Michael  Michaelem  Michaelis  Michaele
 Nicholas  Nicolaum  Nicolai  Nicolao
 Owen  Audanum  Audani  Audano
 Patrick  Patritium  Patritii  Patritio
 Paul  Paulum  Pauli  Paulo
 Peter  Petrum  Petri  Petro
 Philip  Philippum  Philippi  Philippo
 Ralph  Raphaelem  Raphaelis  Raphaele
 Richard  Ricardum  Ricardi  Ricardo
 Robert  Robertum  Roberti  Roberto
 Roger  Rogerium  Rogerii  Rogerio
 Samuel  Samuelem  Samuelis  Samuele
 Stephen  Stephanum  Stephani  Stephano
 Terrence  Terrentium  Terrentii  Terrentio
 Thomas  Thomam  Thomae  Thoma
 Timothy  Timotheum  Timothei  Timotheo
 Walter  Gualterum  Gualteri  Gualtero
 Wilfred  Wilfridum  Wilfridi  Wilfrido
 William  Gulielmum  Gulielmi  Gulielmo
 English  Bride  Witness
 Alice  Aliciam  Alicia
 Anastasia  Anastasiam  Anastasia
 Ann  Annam  Anna
 Bridget  Brigidam  Brigida
 Catharine  Catharinam  Catharina
 Charlotte  Charlottam  Charlotta
 Decima  Decimam  Decima
 Elizabeth  Elizabetham  Elizabetha
 Ellen  Helenam  Helena
 Emily  Aemiliam  Aemilia
 Frances  Franciscam  Francisca
 Honor  Honoram  Honora
 Jane  Joannam  Joanna
 Jemima  Jeminam  Jemina
 Julia  Juliam  Julia
 Lily  Liliannam  Lilianna
 Louise  Louisam  Louisa
 Lucy  Luciam  Lucia
 Lydia  Lydiam  Lydia
 Margaret  Margaretam  Margareta
 Martha  Martham  Martha
 Mary  Mariam  Maria
 Norah  Noram  Nora
 Rose  Rosam  Rosa
 Sarah  Saram  Sara
 Selina  Selinam  Selina
 Susannah  Susannam  Susanna
 Teresa  Teresam  Teresa
 Winifred  Winifridam  Winifrida

Peter Wood
September 2006

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